Late December, 2013: Jerry and Derek's apartment in Altina.

Jerry was the last one to leave the apartment.

Sometimes Derek didn't get it. He was within reason, for once, but although he was of the same opinion as Jerry he didn't understand why. That was the trouble with people like him! They shut out emotions for their own convenience, but if they stop they forget the stupidest things! And Derek was the one who always called him names. . .

They were moving again, setting up in Serenada, which was a two-week drive from Fallenshire.The Man had said that he might have a lead there, and Jerry had agreed to follow. Again.

Now Derek was angry, leaving demanding messages on Manfred's new cell and constantly asking questions.

Why did they stay together anyway, why did they follow Manfred if he was always moving around without telling them and then suddenly demanding that they follow. He wasn't an MTA agent anymore!

But Derek wasn't a Sabre anymore, either.

They were searching together. They were partners. A team.

A family.

Well, some families do move a lot, even if it wasn't for so vague a reason as Manfred's greatest lead. He always told them that they didn't have to be there, but he was glad that they always came for him. That they knew how to keep themselves safe.

Jerry had helped rescue Jane, one of Manfred's few friends before the St. James case. He had also saved Derek from a bullet in the head right before they left town for good.

Derek took a bullet for Manfred once, a year ago, when the people who employed him had turned sour after an. . .unfortunate incident. . .involving Jerry and the leader's daughter.

Manfred always took care of them when they saw him. He was sincere. He had probably saved their lives countless times over. He always came back for them somehow.

Sucks to be me sometimes, Jerry thought as he shut the door. But at least I have a family the same as me.

Milanesque, present day:

"Home." Derek said in disbelief.

"I thought that we were just wandering weirdos or something." Jerry said, as if sarcasm would never fail him. "Are you talking Metro, or have you suddenly gotten religion?"

Manfred sighed, and glared at Jerry. "If I were you, I would keep remarks like that to yourself. People like respect."

"Sorry, Man."

"It's fine. But yes, we can finally go back to Metro."

"I thought you wanted me to hack MTA."

"If I don't get my information, then yes, I'll need you to do that. It's a last resort."


"You're taking us back to Metro." Derek said, still unbelieving. "Do you not remember what happened the last time you decided that going back to Metro was a good idea? Hoglund told us never to come back."

"No, Hoglund said 'don't bring the war with you.' Remember?"

"His implication was that we couldn't stop the war from following us, therefore we can never go home."

"If you don't want to go, I won't stop you from staying." Manfred told him calmly. "But you'll never know why I've been running around the country like this if you do."

"I didn't say I wasn't going." Derek snapped back. "Just the risk."

The End

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