Nearly found out

"Still got nothing?" Derek asked as he walked into Jerry's room.

Although, he always thought, you could hardly call this a room. A bed with a sheet, a zipped-up sleeping bag and a pillow served as bedding, while a desk with all matter of technological-type stuff (most of it small and portable, or really hard finds. While Derek knew that Manfred had bought everything but that laptop (an admission of guilt), he never realized that Jerry had collected so many things for computers.

"Nothing. I can't do anything with this card, Derek! I'm lucky it hasn't fried my computer by now." Jerry shut the laptop, trying not to slam it down, and held up the SD card for Derek to take. "Here, you keep it. I've got nowhere for it."

"Are you sure you don't know anyone who can unlock this?"

"I might know a guy." Jerry shrugged. "But I don't think the Man wants you to know what's on it. He would have told you by now."

Derek took the card, glaring at Jerry. "You don't have to call him the Man, you know." he snapped. "Manfred isn't your boss or anything. He never said I can't know what's on the card."

"Honestly, man, I really don't wanna know what's on the card. With Manfred, it's need to know basis. I hate it, too, but he's already explained to me in graphic detail why it's only his secret. You know about the threat list from six years ago, the one he told us about? We're both on it."

"So? I can take care of myself." Derek countered. "And you just won't die no matter who tries to kill you."

"Again, I'm takin' that as a compliment." Jerry smirked. "But, like I said, the Man's only trying to keep us safe. The less we know the better. Personally, I'd like to stay alive for now and just. . .not know. You know better then me what Cassandra can do."

Derek smirked right back at Jerry. "Wow, Extra, that was surprisingly adult. Let me know if you can find this guy, got it? I need to know, fast."

"Need to know what?"

Jerry jumped out of his chair. Derek slipped the card up his sleeve, so that Manfred woudn't see him holding it.


"Derek wanted the whereabouts of someone."

"Whereabouts?" Manfred glanced Derek in surprise. "Of who?"

Derek and Jerry glanced at each other.

Manfred started to speak, but his two friends spoke in unison before he could.


It had come before either of them had time to think of another excuse. While Jerry had checked up on her a few times over the years to see if she was safe, Derek had also checked on her just seven months ago.

He said it quickly, Derek said it quietly.

Manfred merely blinked in surprise. "Elle? Didn't you check up on her recently?"

"Not that recently." Derek said. "So where did you go?"

"To visit a friend." Manfred replied brisquely. "Do you guys want something to eat?"

"At the prison?" Derek smirked, ignoring the question. "You still have a visitor's stamp on your hand."

"Yes, I was visiting someone at the prison." Manfred said.

"The crazy lady you asked me to look up?" Jerry asked. "What did you want from someone like that? I read up on her after you asked me to, remember? What was her name. . .Valerie somebody?"

"Yes." Manfred said carefully. "She's not as. . . .out there, as what was taken down. She's not one hundred per cent crazy, but enough to be certifiable. No chance of parole, ever. I needed information from her, that's all."

"Well-wishers info?" Jerry asked.

"Well-wishers info." Manfred replied. "It's time for us to go home, guys."

The End

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