Memory card

The three of them left after they ate, agreeing to meet up at Derek and Jerry's apartment tomorrow night.

As he left, Derek had to stop himself from looking over his shoulder. It was at times like this when Manfred got a major lead and left them in the dust.

Then, he had an idea.

"Hey, wait up!" he jogged forward to catch up with Jerry. "You got anything to do right now?"

"Check the programs on my computer. Why?" Jerry asked.

"Wanna do a test run on that hacker stuff?"

"I thought you said my computer was a waste of money."

"It was your money, not mine. But there's something I wanna check up on."

"Like what?" Jerry asked suspiciously. "Hey, wait- is this role-switching day, man? Whenever we have these conversations, you agree to one of my ideas and they end up going wrong. . .what are you plotting?"

Derek held up his left hand. Between his index and middle finger was a 2010-edition SD card.

"What's that for?" Jerry asked slowly. "Normally, right about now, you'd be telling me off for something. Where'd you get it and, wait. . . .isn't it a little outdated?"

"I don't know. But Manfred gave this to me a few years ago. He said I had to keep it safe no matter what, that it wasn't safe in his hands anymore. He wouldn't tell me what was on it, either. I'm not supposed to know."

"Wait, he gave you an outdated memory card with no knowledge of the contents because he couldn't keep it safe? That is not his style. When did he give it to you?"

"A month before he started disappearing on us." Derek replied. "My theory is, it wasn't his in the first place."

"Maybe." Jerry agreed. "But I don't think that's why you have it. I probably would've lost it as soon as he gave it to me."

"So, once we get back to the apartment, you'll help me find out what's on this and then we might be able to find out what's going on."

"C'mon, Derek, I never said that I'd do it."

"But you're much more of a curious idiot then I am. I can hold out until he shows us, but if you don't agree you'll end up trying to steal if from me so that you can see for yourself."

"Got me there."

The End

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