Two years later, Milanesque.

"You're sure you got exactly what I asked." Jerry said slowly.

"Yeah, I'm sure. The best of the best." Manfred replied, reaching inside his car.

"None of the dealers out there know it was me who wanted it?"

"No one out there who knows your name thinks you're for real." Derek interrupted.

"Shut up! You know I'm good at what I do."

"You don't have a trigger finger, how can you launch the trigger program?"

"Guns and keyboards are two different things." Manfred produced a cloth grocery bag the inside of which was lined with memory foam and lightweight plastic. "Three grand, comes with firewalls, configuration keys and ready-to-launch programs. The best illegal laptop a hacker could want."

"Thanks, Man!" Jerry exclaimed, cradling the laptop like a little girl cradles a doll.

"Your money." Manfred said. "I just knew a guy."

"Wasted money." Derek muttered.

"You jealous of my financial and computer skills?"

Derek smacked the back of Jerry's head. "Shut up, Extra."

"Ouch! Do you think I can work if you keep abusing me?"

"You'll find a way." Derek smirked.

"Knock it off, you two." Manfred snapped. "Let's go, I'll buy lunch since you're both broke."

"No way, it's only the Jerry who's broke." Derek protested. "But since you keep ditching us out, you can buy as compensation."

This time, Manfred smirked. "You know I always come back."

"Don't act like you're my father." Derek snapped.

"Hey, you're the one who's concerned." Manfred said as they ducked into a nearby restaurant.  "Table for three." he added, nodding to a seating hostess.

"Concerned? You're harder to kill then that Extra." Derek pointed to Jerry, who was cradling his laptop like a firstborn child.

"So, I'm hard to kill?" Jerry asked as they were seated. "That's flattering, coming from you."

"Shut up! Don't we have stuff to discuss?"

"What about? I have my computer."

"There's a new lead." Manfred said. "Bigger then the one when I called you two years back."

"Bigger then the one before?" Jerry repeated. "Straight up, like an actual lead?"

"It's why you have the computer."

"Why, what do we need it for? I thought you were just doing me a favor."

"Two weeks from now, I need you to hack into MTA."

The End

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