St. James

Sequel to "MacCell." A Well-wishers story.

Prologue: Miscalculation

Vriiin. . .vriiiin.

A low moan was heard next to him. "Hey. . .Who's calling you at this time of night?"

Vriiin. . . .vriiin.

"It's five am." Derek reached over picked up his phone, staring at the caller ID in surprise. "Sorry. This is an important call."

"S'fine as long as I can sleep for a bit longer." the young woman next to him murmured.

Derek jumped out of the bed, yanked his pants on, and slipped outside the small bedroom. "Do you know how long it's been, you little-"

"I found him. He said he just got back from doing undercover work again."

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yeah, straight up." was the reply. "Dude, you have no idea how long it took me."

"Hold on a sec." Derek pulled a short-sleeved shirt over his head, then pressed the phone to his ear again. "With your investigation skills, I'm sure it would have taken a while anyway. How did you find him?"

"Actually, he kinda found me." Derek's friend admitted. "He called me out of the blue like, twenty minutes ago. He's down south, near Milanesque. He needs both of us to meet him there. Something's up, and it's really bad."

"Are you nuts?" Derek exclaimed, trying not to speak above a whisper. "There is no way in hell I can go to Milanesque right now!"

"Cassandra'll find you if you don't leave now. Far as I know, she's trying to pinpoint us so she can get us both tails. I booked the flight just now, it's at noon. Meet me downtown in an hour, okay?"

"Jerry, I can't just leave. I know it's stupid, but I gave up on finding him last night. There's no way he can just appear as soon as-"

"What did you do now?" Derek heard laughter on the other end of the line. "You made a classic, didn't you? Who did you spend the night with, huh? That woman you met six months ago?"

Derek hesitated, glancing nervously at the door. "That's not of consequence as far as you're concerned. I'll be there. This better not be a fake lead, Extra."

"You want me to bring proof? I can get it."

"You'll probably just mess that up. Where should we meet?"

The End

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