Chapter Six

Lucy tried to look interested as the boy, Neal, explained to them about robotic design. Actually, she was really bored, but she decided she'd try it anyway. Maybe she'd get to make something cool that she could use.

She raised her hand. "I have a question," she said, interrupting Neal saying something about something.


"So, after we make the robots, do we get to keep them?"

"If they are entirely your design," Neal explained, "but I'm afraid that you two will have to start in a group with some people who are more advanced until you get the hang of it.

Selena stepped closer and batted her eyelashes. "Like you?" she asked.

Neal took a step back. "Yeah," he said. "Of course."

He walked over to a robot. It looked mostly put together, though it was hooked up to one of the computers and the arm was dislocated and set on another table. It was also hooked up to a computer.

"This," he said proudly, "is Surfdoc. I named him for the initials S-R-F-D-S-O-C which is short for Super Robot for Doing Stuff Others Can't. I started him over the summer but I didn't have all the right equipment. All I did is put it together. The arm is supposed to be kind of like a Swiss Army knife; Selena, you work on that. Lucy, why don't you help me program it?"

Lucy walked over to the computer with him. He pulled up another chair and she sat in it. "So, what kinds of things do you want it to do?"

"Well, as much as it can. I'm really glad you guys are helping me, because now I'll have a girl's insight, too. So far, he can go really fast through any terrain, he's water-proof, and he can do homework."

"What about chores?" Lucy asked.

Neal looked at her funny.

"I mean," Lucy blushed, "what if he could clean your room and wash the dishes?"

Neal looked at the computer and typed some things. "That could work," Neal smiled.

The End

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