Chapter Five

After Breakfast I brought the two girls to the robotics design room. Inside was a row of computers with touchscreens and a futiristic keyboard with more specific lettereing to make programmin easier.

"You would do all the desigining on a computer then load your program onto several machines which will make the cuts of the certian parts. After you make a rough assembly though you can send it through a scanner here." I say tapping this larg dooway wich lead to a large room that would scan variouse things about you assembly.

" Then the data will be loaded onto you computer telling you the variouse flaws, and how to fix it. This usually goes on until you part or you robot is near perfect then. The cool thing is the new types of powersource  and mechanical parts we made in this room which makes the robots better than the ones you will find in japan or other conventional robot currently being designed." I explain to the girls. Who seem to quite interested in all the different machines.

The End

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