chapter 4

Selena was shocked. She'd just gotten into the cafeteria with Lucy and suddenly an older boy was asking to sit with them!

"S-sure," she stammered.

Lucy nudged her and said, "Be cool. He has a jean jacket." Then she turned to the boy and stuck out her hand, "I'm Lucy." They shook hands. He said, "

I'm Neal."

"And I'm Selena," Selena added, glad that her brain was working again.

"So what grade are you girls in?" Neal asked.

"Seventh," the girls answered together.

"First year?"

"Yeah," they both replied.

"Cool," Neal said. "I started two years ago. I'm in eighth grade. What classes are you guys taking?"

"I don't know," Selena said. "Math, science, art, gym..."

Neal laughed. "No, I mean for your electives."

"Oh, I don't know. What is there?"

Neal laughed again. "How 'bout you girls come with me to my first class? It's robotic design."

The two girls nodded eagerly.


The End

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