Chapter Three


I heard some bells what an odd way to wake up. I thought I guess I've grown to use to waking to my music.  I put on my black jeans, and my heavey , blue coat which was made of denim. As I went to breakfast I contemplated what I wanted for breakfast knowing I could get almost anything. I think I will have an eggs benny. I haven't had one of those since my last birthday.

" Heya there Neal." Says a teacher. 

" What classes are you taking?" 

" Inventions, computer programming, Robotic design, and a few ordinary courses sir." I respond.

" Very good, do you mind if you show a few new people around.?"

" No problem. When?" I ask

" A little after breakfast here okay." The teacher turns around.

I enter the cafeterio its pretty empty except for the the girls who always have better timing then boys. I thought to myself, I'll probably seem pretty creepy wether I sit with them or not so I mind as well have company as I eat. So I walked over and introduced myself.

" Hi my name is Neal. Do you mind if I sit with you?"  I ask


The End

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