Chapter Two

The next morning, Selena got up the next morning in a very odd way. She heard bells ringing. But when she looked around her room, there were no bells. She picked up the remote, and sure enough, it was still on crickets chirping. But she changed it to birds, because it was morning. She also changed the window to sunrise. 

Selena poked her head out of her bedroom door, and saw Lucy doing the exact same thing. 

"Hey," Lucy said, "did you hear bells?" 

"Yeah..." Selena said, "I wonder where they came from." 

Lucy shrugged, "How should I know. I must be the wake up call or something. What class do we have first." 

"Well, I'm pretty sure we have breakfast before class." 

"Oh yeah." 

So Selena and Lucy headed down to the Cafateria, where they found most of the older girls sitting already. Of course they were already down there. Lucy and Selena sat down. 

"I'd like some eggs and bacon." Selena said dreamily. 

And then they came. 

The End

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