St. Contardo Ferrini: The Siege

I just finished this book but I wanted to see a different spin on it, so I'm posting the first chapter and seeing where it goes from here. I hope it turns out well. Please add as little or as much as you want.

    The cab pulled up and Selena stepped out. She looked around but for the life of her couldn’t see St. Contardo Ferrini, the boarding school where she would be living for the next year.

    Then a young man about twenty years old with his brown hair in a short ponytail came out of a door into a small building and ushered her over. She scooted over, carrying her bags with her. She had a large and small duffle bag, a backpack, and a small make-up/ toiletries bag. He took her large duffle bag and backpack and pushed her inside.

    When she stepped inside, Selena saw the hallways and rooms and knew that, for whatever reason, the school was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.

    “Come with me,” the man said. He walked to a white French door and pushed it open. There was a small patch of tiled flooring and two more doors opposite each other. One was a subtle orange and the other was pale yellow. He took out a card that had a picture of him on it and a bar code and swiped it on a swiper near the yellow door. It beeped and the door made a clicking sound. He opened it and held it for Selena who walked through it. The man followed behind her. He walked down a hallway which had purple doors on one side and pink on the other. “The Pink Door people,” the man explained, “are people who are in seventh grade. The Purple Door people are in eighth. This hallway is only for girls. There is another hallway for boys in seventh and eighth grade and another hallway for both girls and boys in sixth grade and so on and so on.” Selena nodded distractedly.

    They stopped abruptly at a pink door. There was a number on it. 11096. Her birthday.

    “Is this my room?” Selena guessed.

    “That it is,” the man replied. He swiped his card again and opened the door.
    When Selena stepped inside, she gasped. Next to the hallway, which she had thought was beautiful, this was fit for a queen! They had walked into a little living space where they set down her bags. There was a white couch, a Plasma Screen TV hanging on the wall, and a window that showed a rainbow and sun. There were bird sounds and a mahogany coffee table with a mug of hot chocolate sitting on it next to a bowl of fruit. The walls were painted apple green.

    The man gestured to the couch and they sat down. Selena sipped the hot chocolate and sighed contently.

    “My name is Christian and I work here at St. Contardo’s. This,” the man said as he handed her a thick black book, “is your Student Handbook. You’ll have time to read that later.” He slammed it shut and said, “I need to show you the remotes.

    “This one,” he said, picking up a thick white one with lots of buttons, “is for the TV.” He clicked a button and a football game turned on. He turned it off. “This one,” he said, holding up a thin white one, “is for the windows.” He pressed a button and it turned to rain, but birds were still chirping. Then he picked up a thin black one. “This one is for the sound.” He pressed a button and it turned to rain sounds. Selena stared at the remotes like they were monsters. Christian laughed. “I know, it takes some getting used to.” He changed it back to the way it was before. “I’ll leave you now. Supper’s at six. Don’t be late. It’s barbecue tonight!” He rubbed his belly and left.

    “Well, that was...interesting,” Selena muttered. She took her bags and walked through a door into her bedroom.

    This room had rose pink walls, and a bed with a mahogany frame and a pink comforter. There was a white dresser with little roses on each drawer and a walk-in closet with a large rose on the door. There was a night table with a lamp that had a pink lamp shade with little pink tassels that hung down and a full length mirror on the closet door. She quickly unpacked her duffle bags and backpack and brought her toiletry bag into the bathroom.

    The bathroom had white walls with a toilet, shower-tub, and sink. There was a bar of rose smelling soap and a flowered shower curtain. Selena opened the medicine cabinet above the sink and put away her toothbrush, make-up and other toiletries. She then walked through the last door wondering what on earth could be behind it.

    The room had baby blue walls and a mahogany desk with all her school books on it. A metallic blue laptop was set neatly into a shelf and Selena pulled it out. The desktop had a picture of a beautiful white mare, just the desktop Selena herself would have chosen. There was a folder for every class that was on the schedule Selena had found on top of her book stack.

    Selena checked her white leather wrist watch and saw that she had ten minutes to find the dining room. She looked on the other side of the schedule and saw that it was a map. She assumed she was in the Junior High Wing and saw that the Dining Room was in the center of the school.

    She quickly ran into her bedroom and checked her outfit. She was wearing a blue hoodie and sweatpants with a white lacy tank top underneath. She was wearing white skater shoes with rhinestones on them. They were the most comfortable thing she owned and thought that they would get by just fine with the other girls. She applied a fresh coat of mascara and blueberry flavored lip-gloss and headed out the door with stride.

    As Selena was stepping out, another girl with wavy blonde hair stepped out of the next room. She was wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a red T-shirt, and a Jean jacket. Her hair was pulled into a bun and you could clearly see her skull-and-cross bone earrings.

    Selena waited for the girl to catch up with her since she was looking about worriedly. When she caught up, they started walking. “Thanks for waiting for me,” she said hurriedly. “I’m Lucy.”   

    “I’m Selena.” She held out her map for Lucy.

    “Where did you get that?” Lucy asked.

    “It’s on the back of the schedule,”

    “Oh.” Lucy giggled. “I didn’t pay any attention to the schedule. Cristian just told me to get to dinner on time. Where are we?”

    “Well, I’m assuming that we’re on the Junior High Wing and we have to get to the Dining Hall.” They walked out the yellow door and white French doors and saw students coming from all around, some looking confused, obviously this was their first year, and some looking confident and even showing younger ones around. Selena pointed to a girl with glossy, loose curls, purple eye shadow, and very dark mascara and eye liner.

    Selena and Lucy walked over to her. “Excuse me,” Selena said. “but which door do we take to the Dining Hall?”

    The girl just looked at Selena, but the girl she was with said, “You can go through any of these doors. I think that you should go through that one.” She pointed to one of the doors. “It’s closest to where the seventh graders sit.” She flashed them a smile full of blue and green braces.

    The first girl elbowed the seconded one in the ribs and said, “If you hang out with me, than you don’t hang out with them.” They linked arms and stalked away, the second girl looking apologetically over her shoulder.

    Selena and Lucy shrugged and walked through the door that the second girl had pointed at. When they walked through they saw a ton of people seated at tables. There were numbers and letters for every table. There was 1 A, B, C and so on for all the grades up through 12. At 7B there were two girls who were talking. Everyone else was sitting at either 7A or 7C. Selena walked straight over to the loners.

    “Hey!” Selena greeted them as she sat down. “I’m Selena.”

    “And I’m Lucy.” Apparently Lucy had followed Selena and sat down next to her.

    “I’m Chanel,” said one of them. Her swingy, stringy hair was barely held up in a braid. “and this is my twin, Kelsie.” Kelsie had the same swingy, stringy, red hair.

    Everyone sat down and some doors opened at the end of the table and barbecue sandwich’s ran down the table on what looked like a conveyor belt. When everyone had one, the belt stopped.

    Selena and Lucy looked at each other in amazement, but Chanel and Kelsie looked like they had seen it all before.

    “Our father is the new teacher here,” said Chanel as she took a bite of her sandwich.

    “We got to come here one time this summer...” Kelsie explained.

    “...and we ate here, too!” Chanel finished. “Cool, right?”

    “But this is the only thing we were allowed to see,” Kelsie said mournfully.

    “and we only got to see it because of the Teacher Feast they have every year,” Chanel added.

    “Wow,” Lucy said dully, picking at her sandwich but not eating any.

    “What’s wrong with that?” Selena pointed at the sandwich.

    “I’m a vegetarian,” Lucy groaned. Just then, the conveyer belt started moving again. When the others saw that a fish sandwich was coming down it, some other people said that they were vegetarians, too. Soon, all the vegetarians had one and everyone was eating.

    When everyone was done, they put their dirty dishes on the conveyer belt as it went back into what Selena assumed must be the kitchen. She wondered who did the cooking, but didn’t bother to ask. Lucy definitely didn’t know, and Chanel and Kelsie didn’t seem like the best choices, either.

    Then a bald man wearing a black, casual suit stepped forward. “Hello,” he said. His voice echoed off the walls. “I am Mr. Adones. I am the headmaster here at St. Contardo Ferrini’s. As some of you may know, and the others may have guessed, this school is very technologically advanced.” The new students nodded, while the ones who had been there before seemed bored by this very practiced speech. “St. Contardo Ferrini prides themselves in being a school that not only teaches their students for the future, but also lives in the future. Many of our faculty are former scientists that found out our secret and decided to help us. We have touch/mind sensors, quick food ovens and refrigerators, and any other technology that is in your wildest dreams, and some too wild to be in the wildest of your wildest dreams.” Mr. Adones smiled down on the students, then clapped his hands loudly. “Now it is time for you all to head back to your rooms. You’ve got a busy day ahead of you tomorrow and I don’t want you tired. You are dismissed.”

    The students left and Selena pulled out her map, though she knew which way to go. “So you’re room 11097?” she asked Lucy.

    “No. I’m room 11196.” Lucy said, puzzled. “What room are you?”


    “Weird,” Lucy said under her breath. Then her face lit up. “What’s you birthday?”

    “January 10th,” Selena said, surprised.

    “Mines January 11th. What year?”


    “Me too! I think they do it by birthday. Your room is 11096. As in 1/10/96, and mine is 11196 as in 1/11/96!”

    “Oh, well here we are,” Selena said. “I think you might be right, though. We’ll talk tomorrow. Wait for me?”

    “Sure,” Lucy nodded.

    “Okay. ‘Night.”


    Selena went in her room and changed her window setting to a sunset and her sound setting to crickets chirping, put a sleep shirt on over her sweats, and climbed into bed.

The End

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