Natasha Peddingstall: Diary Entry 3

Ahm, Dear Diary?

My name is Natasha Peddingstall, and I am just turned 15. I have a boyfriend called Michael, and he is very nice to me, but he isn't in my class, so I hardly see him at school.

I've never done one of these before. Are you sure it's not going to be read? I'm a bit nervous in case it is. I might seem like a total dope from the impression I give on here. I try to be as charismatic as my friend Morgan, but she pulls it off better than I do.

Uhm, I have 1 younger brother, Joe, and an older sister who is 21, but she's moved out now. My brother is just under a year younger than me, and is about the same age as Morgan. I dunno who he likes at the moment, but sometimes I hear him talk about that Tiffany Whitehead from school. It's either love or loathing, I always say.

Intelligence? I guess I could be called 'average'. I love Maths, and the Media/Journalism side of English. Sometimes I can get a little shy when it comes to any presentation work, but Morgan (who probably doesn't even have a clue about what's going on) always cheers me on, which is awful nice of her. I know a lot of nice people.

Just the other day I was telling Miss Saunders about what happened with Joe about 2 days ago. He was run over you know! Scared the life out of me it did. She was terribly simpathetic. She even offered to visit him in the hospital. I said he might be a bit worried if a teacher visited, and she laughed, which anyone rarely does at my jokes, except Morgan and Miss.

I'm awful worried about my brother now. There was a clubbing incident a few months back, and something then could have caused what happened to him. It was all Morgan's fault really, but I daren't tell her that and lose her as a friend.

What happened was she began to flirt with these really rough guys. She isn't a flirt normally, except with her ex (I expect he gets a bit tired of her sometimes, but I think she really does like him, and that's what causes it), but she had had a few drinks and I think that's what set her off. So a while and a few fights later, we were runing for our skins down a road to a taxi. Poor Joe had made a fear-inspiring (oop, big word) enemy out of my attacker. I think that it was the same skin-head from then that ran him over.

At least Joe got away with only minor injuries. A broken leg and fractured ribs are nothing compared with what could have happened. Now all I can do is (metaphorically - phew) pray for his safety...


Bye Diary, until next time?

The End

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