Mary-Margaret O'Fee : Diary Entry 2

I would like to start off this diary entry with a word of thanks to Mrs Bolk for making this wonderful resource available to us.

I shall mainly be using it to track my own academic progress at this fine school, at which I am immensely proud to call myself a student, but I will, no doubt, add the occasional social commentary as well.

Today started with a whole-school Mass, as it was, as we all know, a holy day of obligation.  I was shocked, as always, at the number of my fellow students who disrupted the solemnity with puerile giggling.

I took Morgan and Tiffany - the biggest offenders -  to one side after Mass and reminded them that generations of Catholics had fought - and indeed, died, so that the likes of us could have the privilege of attending a school like ours, and asked Morgan if she'd forgotten Henry VIII.  She looked blankly at me and Tiffany just said ''Well I ain't even a Cafflic, innit?''   Pearls before swine!

At lunchtime today I could have sworn that I saw the image of Our Blessed Lady in a sausage roll.  I am seriously wondering if I may have a vocation for the religious life. 

I must go and have a word with Father Connor after Mass on Sunday. 

Enjoyed English today.  Homework tonight is to write an essay on the role of the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet.  I'll enjoy that! 

Got five merits in History for my ''faultless'' essay on The Battle of Naseby.  Mummy will be so pleased.

The End

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