Morgan Lara Stanley: Diary Entry 1


I just got a txt from Natasha an she said that her brother Joe got run over this morning?! Wth?

'Parently he was walking with that lad from across the road (Buttface Jerk Damien - My ex who's guts I hate) and some insane dude just ran him over and drove off. Mind you, it's a rough area where they live, so i'm not surprised.

I was trying to think if someone did it on purpose, but I dunno if Joe has any enemies. He's a pretty friendly guy, but he knows how to stand up for himself. I considered asking him out once or twice. Dunno if I would now he's mates with Damien. Perhaps he had stuck up for himself and made someone else look a total retard in the process? Maybe it was that bloke that we met at that party one night...

We were at a club nearby on the edge of Manchester (even though my mum told me i'm too young) and this wacko just totally started on me and Nat, he was half shouting an half flirting. It was real annoying, and he just wouldn't leave us alone. So Nat called Joe over to sort this guy out for us, because he was getting really serious and joking that he was gonna take us home that night and stuff.

So Joe came over and was sortin him out, and we walked off to the door, 'cause it was getting on for 11 and I had to be back by half-past (My mum reckoned I was at a house party at Nat's) so we were getting ready to leave. Suddenly, that wacko punched Joe in the stomach real hard and shouted something about 'My women'. Nat kinda screamed and the wacko looked over at us, seriously angry this time.

We ran out the door as fast as we could, but the dude came out with his gang and grabbed hold of Nat. I shouted at him but it didn't make much difference, he was only interested in her. Joe came stumbling out, shouting at him to let go of his sister. But what happened next was really scary...

The guy ripped off part of her skirt and kinda sniffed it (Ew! This dude has serious brain parts missing). He put it in his pocket, saying something that made his matesd laugh. I couldn't hear 'cause I was trying to keep my distance.

Joe shouted over to me to get a taxi ready down the road. I ran off and hailed one down, waiting for Nat and her brother. About 5 minutes later they came running down the street, Joe with a bloody nose and both being pursued by angry cries.

We hopped in and managed to get me home on time. When my mum asked what had happened, we just said that there had been a bit of rough-and-tumble at Nat's house, and there wouldn't be any parties for a while after. We were sure right. Both I and Nat got grounded by our parents, but Joe got off on a warning. Lucky Sod.

I'd forgotten about most of this up until now. Just remembering it freaks me out. I really hope that guy isn't around here, 'cause he might go looking for Nat again.

Gawd. What a night. And I have maths tomorrow too  =l


>Entry End

The End

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