Pod Soulfart: Diary Entry Whatever

Yeah, ok. My name isn't Pod. Or Soulfart. You caught me! Go ahead and lock me up in prison! Geez....

Let's just say I'm not a typical....girl. I hate to say it, actually. The fact that i'm a girl, not the word, dumbass. I mean, who wants to conform anyway? And be like that stuck-up wh*re Morgan and the rest of the sheep? Ha! Don't make me laugh...

Neither, however, do I wish to be apart of what I like to call, the 'Napkin-Folders'. Mainly consisting of all those flappy, new kids who can't afford to be in 'Private Education' anymore. Like I care if they miss their 'Dressage Lessons' and 'Water Polo'.

I have my own style. It's unique. As a person, I am quite short, so I make up for it with chunky leather boots, miniskirts and bright t-shirts. I try my best not to fit into any stereotype, but my friends seem to stick to me like glue, thus creating this intimidating aura of a gang that I was totally not trying to get across.

If you're wondering why I'm like this, then I don't know why. To be honest, my life has been pretty screwy since my mother gave up when she gave birth to me, and just wimped out on her new daughter and twelve sons. I've had a preeeettty strong male influence all my life, which, I concluded, has resulted in my current dilemma.

I'm gonna write this down, but I swear, if you tell anyone, I will pull  your snot out through your eyesockets, understood?

I.....I think I might have a crush........on another girl.

There, I said it.


And I'm pretty scared about it.

I've never doubted my sexuality before now....but...since she came, I can't help but think, that maybe....

Ugh. Really, I hate myself at the moment. Whenever I talk to people, it's always in a spiteful way, and I almost made her cry last week. I nearly [metaphorically] shot myself, right then and there.

All over that poor, sweet, innocent Latitia Wickham...


The End

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