Letitia Wickham-Thomas - Diary Entry 14

Hello, I'm Letitia and I'm new to this school.  I'm 16 years old and from Surrey.  I just moved here with my parents, but I am far from enjoying 'the new experience' that Mummy assurred me I would. 

In fact, to be honest (and I can be because no-one is reading this, are they?) I am feeling rather lost in this place.  The mass of seething student bodies, the yelling and running, the vast concrete sprawl of low-rise buildings that all seem identical, yet I can never find my classroom.

And there are boys here.  They make me nervous.  One of the scruffier ones even tried to look up my skirt the other day as I walked up the fire escape stairs to the art class room!  Oh my goodness, I was so shocked that I gave a little shriek!  People laughed at me, but no-one reprimanded him for his inappropriate behaviour!   Perhaps I should tell a teacher, but they might pick on me and call me a tattle-tale.

My classmates stare at me in amazement when I put my hand up in class to answer a question from Ms Saunders - have I suddenly grown an extra head? What else am I supposed to do? Nobody else answers and I've already covered a lot of the material they're teaching us at my last school.  The Headmaster did say that I might be rather ahead in French and English Literature.  I'm not so good at science though.  I can't believe they don't teach Latin here or Textiles!  Those were my best subjects.  My end of term report is really going to suffer.

That dreadful girl who sits across from me in our form room (Pod her friends call her, but I think it's really Patricia) says that I'm prissy.  She calls me 'Princess' but in a really snide way, not in a nice way like Gramps used to do.  I can see her whispering to her friends across the table from me in the cafeteria, as I am eating my packed sandwich lunch.  It's all I can do to resist the growing urge to 'accidentially' spill my jasmine tea in her lap!  I'm supposed to be a 'nice girl'!   This hellish place is turning me into Frankenstein's monster!

I miss my old school - the intimacy of its peaceful hallways with under 400 hundred pupils, the small classes of students who actually want to learn!  I miss the huge Victorian main building, the quad, the acres of green parkland where my best friend Sally and I walked our house mistress' spaniel, Jessie, at lunchtime. I even miss doing prep in the evenings under the strict eye of Mrs Bedleen, who would threaten to gate you for a month if you so much as surreptitiously passed a note to a friend.  I miss cocoa on Friday nights and movies in the common room on rainy Sunday afternoons and three exeats a term.  Four if you were good, so I usually had four!

I miss my friends - Sally most of all.  They're all still there.  None of their fathers' lost their financial jobs in the City and had to move hundreds of miles away to a new life.  A cheaper life. A cold life.  My parents argue all the time now.  Mummy hates it here too I can tell, as much as she tells me it will be 'character-building' and 'rewarding' for me.  Daddy tells me I've been sheltered at boarding school and need to adjust to my new life quickly.

I don't want to adjust.  I want to go back.  I want to go back to where I had friends and comfort and polo lessons.

I want to go back to where I belong...





The End

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