Serena Bradbury: Diary Entry 13

Nobody ever really notices me.

Then, if they do, it tends to be a case of, "Oh, you're Louisa's little sister, aren't you?"

Actually, Louisa is my twin sister. We even look alike. Slightly. Except that, she's the prettier one. For a start, she's thinner, and she has this amazing dark black hair that curls around her shoulders and looks fantastic. I think Nick first fell for her because of her hair.

Now here comes the secret.

I fell for Nick too. That was when they first started going out. We took long walks together, just the three of us. I felt like a bit of a gooseberry. Mum put me up to it though, because she didn't like them spending too much time alone. I don't think she trusted Nick.

Louisa trusted Nick implicitly. She still does.

Fortunately for me, it didn't take me long to discover what a jerk Nick is. Only a week after they got together I was walking to school, when I saw him at the bus-stop, plain as day, with his arms wrapped round this girl, an older girl by the looks of things. She had this bleach-blonde hair and very high heels. She was taller than him by about an inch. I felt so angry. I was seething with rage. I couldn't believe this man -- this rat!-- this idiot-- had made such a fool of my sister! I approached him at lunch time. I told him what I'd seen. I told him that I didn't want to have to tell Louisa, but if he wanted me to keep my silence he would have to tell her himself.

First he begged me never, ever to tell my sister. Then he gave me the story. He told me that the girl at the bus stop was a friend, just a good friend, that was all. She was from Edinburough and he might never see her again. She used to have a thing for him, but he never fancied her. When I walked past they were just saying goodbye. A goodbye hug. That was all it was.

I couldn't contradict the story. I hadn't seen them kiss or anything. For all I could tell it should be perfectly plausible.

Except it wasn't. I gave him the benefit of the doubt against all my intuition. And I never told Louisa. But that ended my own stupid infatuation with my sister's boyfriend once and for all.

And now, years later, I walk past the very same bus stop and see him kissing (yes, kissing!) Morgan Lara Stanley.

Well, he's not going to get away with this one.

The End

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