Benjamin (Ben) Carpenter: Diary Entry 11

Louise moved computers. Pooey. If I move too wouldn't it be obvious that I'm practically stalking her every Wednesday? 

Anyhow, I'm not really here to talk about Louise... Nor I am here to complain about how badly I did in a test and how my mum is going to kill me for it. 

No, I'm here to talk about someone else. My brother, David. Now he started uni a couple of months ago and he was really excited about it. He told me how he would never have to listen to our parents again, how he could date all the girls he wanted and not have them assessed by mum and dad. Mostly, he was just ecstatic about running his own life. 

David's never been responsible for sure. He lost things, gave in things late, forgot to do this or that. But I didn't think he'd ever touch pot. You see, last weekend I went over to his flat he shared with a couple of his ridiculous friends, took the train and bus by myself and whatnot. I was a little early and David wasn't there yet, so his mates told me to wait for him in his room. I obeyed without a word, they're pretty intimidating guys them. 

I looked around, found loads of dirty mugs and dishes, a paper half-finished. So then I went into his bathroom, just to do what people do in the toilet and there was this awful smell coming from the shower cubicle. I zipped up my pants, looked inside and a mug with pot. 

I didn't mention it to David when he came an hour later. That would have been the stupidest thing to do. But do you think it would be a stupid thing to tell someone else? 

The End

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