Louise Isabel Bradbury: Diary Entry 10

Remind me to change computers, or stay after school another day, or... do something about this Ben Carpenter guy who just sits there at computer twenty staring at me all the time. At least he can't see what I'm writing. 

Now for my true worries. Nick (my long time boyfriend) has been rather... distant lately. He doesn't call or text me often anymore, and never does his sweet "good morning texts," and only occasionally does he do the "good night" ones. He used to do them all the time! Without fail. But for the past week or so, he's been absent from my life. I don't think I did anything wrong... did I? I kissed him just as often, I didn't miss his football game and I got him his banana muffins - haven't missed those muffin Fridays once. So is it really Morgan Stanley? Oh God. 

He's been spending quite a lot of time with her and she's been giving me these sly, queenly looks lately - as if she knows something I don't. But that can't be it - otherwise I would have heard a rumor about it by now. Gossip travels rather quickly here at St. Boniface, and things like infidelity don't say secret for long. And yes, Nick being with another girl behind my back is beyond plain cheating. It is infidelity. We've been together for almost three years! Longest running relationship that I know of. How can you not call it that? 

This is all very unnerving. I mean, what will everyone think of me if it is true that Nick has been unfaithful?! He'll probably make up an amazing story about how it was all my fault that our relationship failed and say that I lead him to committing, what is practically adultery - and people will believe him! If he was just an ordinary guy that wouldn't be the case, but what with his perfect looks and effortless charm they won't be able to help themselves! Oh, shucks. 

No Louise Isabel Bradbury! Stop doubting poor Nick. He's probably just doing some science project with Morgan, purely educational, I'm sure. Nick may not be the brightest person, but he's not that cold-hearted and insensitive. I hope. 


The End

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