Carol Nafferty: Diary Entry 9

Argh! I am so confused!


This whole stupid situation is now officially getting me down. And so close after my birthday. Not that it usually lasts anyway. My parents are not into the whole birthday celebrations thing. Not when I'm concerned anyway, but my younger sister Charlotte gets doted and fussed over - it’s quite sickening really. So when they agreed to let me have a party of my own, albeit a small one, I was extremely surprised, and somewhat suspicious.


Anyway, that’s not my point. Basically, at my birthday party, Jack (Jack Conaway, he’s in my science classes) who I invited more or less on a whim (I don’t really know him that well, but his sister Emmeline is nice) gave me the most incredible present I have ever had. Seriously, you’ll never guess. It was a signed copy of Christina Aguilera’s new album! Actually signed by her! I mean, I don’t really like Christina that much; she’s far too screechy for my liking (startlingly similar to Sandra in choir tryouts yesterday).


But here is my dilemma. I’ve not been getting on too well with Luca recently (that's my boyfriend). I told him that he needs to stop being so paranoid. He threatened to beat up Jack when he saw how happy I was with my present.


And I never meant to make his present seem less important – the locket was lovely. But I could tell he had just swiped it from his mum.  It was a little scratched and still had a picture of him and his dad inside it – which he obviously was unaware of, as he tried to convince me that the picture was the only decent one he had – but it wasn’t even wrapped, and he sort of just shoved it in my direction, not a hug or anything. I guess it was because some of his guy mates were there, but it still hurt me a little.


But basically, Jack’s present was thoughtful, and if it belonged to him (I pray Lord that his taste is not that bad) then it would have been a personal sacrifice for him. After I opened it, I rushed to the kitchen saying I needed a drink (a bit thick as there was squash and fizzy drinks on the table next to us) and cried a little bit. The nicest present my parents ever bought me was a gold bracelet for Christmas (I later discovered that it was meant to be for my sister).


So now I’m thinking – shall I forget about Luca? His brother is a bit of a thug; I overheard him talking to his mate about him beating up someone outside a club a few weeks ago...


Well I’ve babbled on for ages. I guess I’ll add another entry soon.

The End

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