Jack Conaway: Diary Entry 8

I don't believe it. My sister, Emmeline Conaway, emailed someone. And yes, this is a surprise for me since she doesn't believe in technology and uses it to the bare minimum. I didn't mean to look in on her, I'm not the sneaky peeky type, like everyone else's brother. Although the reason I was in her room is sort of a secret... I borrowed her signed Christina Aguilera CD, but I'll explain later. 

So. She was hunched over her notebook, with all, but her desk light turned off, which is why I thought no one was there and almost knocked her tennis racket over when I saw her. Luckily her back was facing me, and all I could see were the words love and Louise. I do hope they weren't used in the same sentence with an 'I'. Otherwise mum would have a fit and pray on the floor of our living room, bawling her eyes out to God. 

But she's got a boyfriend so I suppose it's all right. Even though what's his name again? Kevin, Kris... Kyle, that's right, he never comes 'round anymore. I never liked him much anyway, sulking around all the time, listening to Avenged Sevenfold and just before going to the toilet he would always clear his throat and check if his wallet was in his back pocket. No idea where that kind of habit came from. Plain weird. 

Before I start off with my Christina Aguilera CD story, let me get one thing straight: I do not secretly listen to her ridiculous songs where she shrieks endlessly like some cockadoodle (if that's even an animal that shrieks, let alone a word). Moving on, as you may have guessed that autographed CD is my sister's most treasured item, she even keeps it in a special box for goodness sake. Now I wouldn't have borrowed it had I not had a good reason. And, I'm telling you, I do have a good reason. Okay no, it's not particularly a good reason, but reason enough. 

Carol Nafferty invited me to her birthday party. And well, I was honored. Really. So just to make a good first impression, I thought I'd get her something nice you know, something... meaningful. I'd planned on getting her a locket, I swear. But then I heard her idiot of a boyfriend, Lucas Swanson, was getting her one at the last minute. Therefore, however unwillingly, I had to get her something else. I dug every piece of junk I had in my room that I thought could possibly make a meaningful gift, but I'm a boy, she's a girl - that part seemed to have slipped my mind whilst I was wasting my time in my room, leaving only half an hour till her party that Friday night.

Conveniently enough, Emmeline was at a sleep over at Louise's (this is now unsettling to know), and so I went to her room... And committed my first sin. 

Now, this, this was uncalled for. I hurriedly went to HMV just before the party, bought a new Christina CD, faked the signature, and planned on giving that one to Carol. But the idiot that I am, I gave the wrong one. Classic.

So I am hoping, no I am praying on my knees that my dearest, darling sister doesn't notice the difference for I am much too young to die God, much too young...


The End

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