Sandra Murcheson - Diary Entry 7

Dear School Diary Thingy,

I just now did my audition for the school choir.

I think it went well.  My Mariah Carey-style rendition of the first verse of "Once In Royal David's City" was awesome, if I say so myself and I think the panel were blown away by it.

I say "panel", but really it was Mr Jolly the Music teacher and Mrs Scargill - Jayne Scargill's mum, who plays the organ sometimes at Mass.  Mr Jolly (who is not jolly in the slightest - he always has this expression of someone who has just smelled something oogy) is no Simon Cowell.  At least Simon smiles occasionally.  And Mrs Scargill seems to think she's Sharon Osbourne, except Sharon Osbourne has never had hair that looks like badly cut straw.  I've seen Jayne's dad, though, and though he looks nothing like Ozzy he does slur a bit. And he wears those round sunglasses.

Mr Jolly is like "That was an interesting interpretation of the piece, Sandra - perhaps fewer grace notes are required.  Sometimes, less is more, you know,"  But I could tell he liked it really.  He said I could join the choir, and do the carol concert.

I was like "Oh, Thank you.  Thank you so much!"  I even remembered to put my hands up to my face like my nose was falling off, like they do on the X Factor and shows like that when they get through to the next round.

I hope I get picked to do the solo.  I might have to change my name to Sandy.  Except I'll spell it like.. Saanndi.  And Murcheson? Hmm. That'll have to go.  Madonna didn't need a surname, did she?


The End

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