Morgan Lara Stanley: Diary Entry 6

This is great.

Right, I was out at a small family do my mum dragged me to, and guess who was there? That abolutely gorgeous hunk, Nicholas Summers!!!!!!!! Gee, he made it worth my while when I walked through Aunt May's door and saw him standing there! Sure, he looked bored as hell, but we sure cured that after a few hours, didn't we?

Ok, it were only kissing, but MAN, I would so swap him for that skunk Damien anytime. I didn't bother texting Nat about it, she doesn't really need to know. Besides, I've kinda fallen out with her lately. She told her boyfriend that I was considering asking Joe out and he told Joe, so I had a bit of a shouting match with her. She just wimped out because she is always a baby in any argument we have. GOSH.

Anyway, back to Nicholas. He didn't say anything afterwards, which means I could have a chance, right? Even if I didn't at least if his girlfriend (that ignorant cow Louise) would break up with him if she found out, and that could easily be arranged. I reckon I'm in with a good chance, because even if he didn't ask for my number or anything, I am so much prettier than Louise, obviously.

I better get thinking up a reason to talk to him again. Nat always tells me I'm bad at this man-hunting thing, but this time I know I can bag a big prize...


P.S. I'm in such a good mood, I'm gonna ring up Natasha and tell her everything that's happened.

The End

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