Benjamin (Ben) Carpenter: Diary Entry 5

I swear I just got 40% on my science test. This is not happening. It's not my fault I couldn't get a single question. It's not like Ms. Tossling could explain anything properly - she was meant to be a drama teacher, if you ask me. You can't expect students to understand what the hell your saying if you mention 'swap and drop' and 'little hand diagrams' but never explain them. I mean, honestly. 

The 40% of the questions that I got right were all from the first part of the test, then I totally failed the second bit on balancing equations. There is no way I'm taking chemistry in IB next year. And what was with the question on rhubarb and steel? How the hell am I supposed to know, if she never taught us???!!! Modular science is no easy thing I tell you. Even though it is made for failures like me. 

By the way, I'm still at school in the computer room. And no, not because I love school so much that I can't bear to be away from it for a single moment. It's because I've got a mother at home who expects that I got 90% or some humanly impossible, no, I mean Ben-ly impossible test score. 

Okay. Enough of this worrying. It's fine. I'm going to try and be brave here and tell you that I'm in the computer room for another, more... personal reason. You see, I always sit at computer number twelve because you get the best view of computer number twenty from here. And at computer number twenty, on Wednesdays after school sits Louise Isabel Bradbury. 

If this wasn't confidential, I wouldn't be writing this by the way. Anyhow, I seize any excuse to stay back after school on Wednesdays and have been doing so for the past year. Admiring from afar, even though she's practically just as good as married to Nicholas Summers. But, you know, we've talked and she seems to think I'm a not too bad guy, so maybe. Just maybe. If her and Nicholas Summers ever decide to call it quits that is. Hey, we've got this year and two more to hook up so pray for me please. 

Aw great. It's about time I get out of here. Don't want my mum to ground me and throw me out of the house. Although I don't think she can technically do both... Then again, my mum can do almost anything in terms of making my life hell when it comes to breaking the rules. 

I quite enjoyed this online school diary thing - who knew the teachers at this school had an imagination? And what's more, knew how to use technology. Haha. 

Well. Till next time then. If there is one. 


The End

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