S.S. Homestead


The horrible aftertaste and the uncomfortable spring mattress didn’t seem to bother me as I drift into a deep sleep.


Opening my tired eyes I could see a large dark ocean below me. Like a broken bird I fall downwards towards the ever lasting sea. Crash! I broke through the sea layer but still continue to fall.


But then it stops. I somehow stopped falling and landed on something stable. Looking up I noticed that I appear to be on a boat, a small sail boat to be exact. With it’s jagged wooden edges, uneven scratch marks and orange and black cloth sail it seemed too repulsive for my liking. On the sail there is some writing; ‘S.S. 5784135’. Well, that’s creative.


I tilted my head up to see the moon and stars frozen in the sky. No matter how long I stared they never moved. To add to this perplexity, there were many streaks of light that I could only assume to be shooting stars frozen in the dark sky. When I lowered my head I was startled at the realization that I was floating on a sea of clouds. Unlike the stars, these clouds continued to drift past the boat, like an unstoppable train. But the boat never rocked. Like the sky it never moves.


Ahead of me appeared to be the tops of two large red pillars, but they are too far away to ever be reached. Because this boat will never move. It stays still while the clouds drift past me.


Looking back at the night sky, I see that everything that was once frozen has been covered by an encompassing dark storm. Then I hear loud banging noises, like the sound of pounding metal. Surrounding me were looming images of dark humanoid figures staring down at me. Their eyes shown a deadly and blinding light, too bright to stare back. They didn’t aid me. They only watched as I was suffering this hell, as if I was being punished. 


The storm was thrashing the boat in all direction. I tried to hang on, but soon lost my grip and fell off.  


Again I fall downwards, through the never ending layers of clouds. 


Before things could get any worse, everything went black. Then I wake up, back on the boat. With the moon and stars in the exact same place, while the clouds below me continue to pass the boat. The tops of the pillars still seem to be the same distance away. The moving clouds give off the illusion that I am moving towards them, but I know I’m not. 


Why does the boat never move?


Why must time never turn?


Why am I here to suffer this enteral hell?


Why can’t I go home?


Finally I recovered myself, stood up, glanced towards the two pillars and jumped.


The dark grey clouds tried hard to push me back, but my fall was too great to be stopped.


Then the grey mist abruptly disappeared as a blinding morning light was shone into my dark adjusted eyes. To my side I saw a vast blue ocean that stretched beyond the horizon. On the other side were hills covered with the fading lights of many cities. The sun was sitting on the inverted horizon of clouds through which I had fallen. Its rays had shown through a colossal red bridge that stretched up into the sea of clouds. In this light, the structure almost seemed... golden. 


But I wasn’t headed that way. The only direction I was going toward was the sea that laid out below me. Nothing could stop this accelerated destiny. The water soon encompassed my view. No matter how hard I will ever try, I will never reach that place called home.


I relinquished and fell into the ocean.


The next thing I knew I woke up looking at the still night sky once again. Finally I gave up and fell back to sleep on this immovable boat. 





The guard banged on the metal bars with his night stick. The noise startled me and I nearly threw myself off the bed. 


“Oh, shut up,” I responded, but I don’t think he heard me. Not like he would listen.


I sat up and suddenly the pain from the bed sores overcame me. I guess that’s what happens when you oversleep in a crappy prison bed. Also I still have that awful aftertaste of pills the prison psychiatrist gave to me. Not to mention my head feels a little nauseous. I couldn’t seem to remember much of yesterday. All I could recall was a lot of shouting and movement coming into my cell; followed by a moment of a unnatural eases.


I looked to my side and on my night stand was a postcard from my sister. I picked it up and started reread the letter.


“Hey Bro! How’s it going? My son and I went to San Francisco (you know, your old town) for vacation. Its really fun here, and there are a lot of ‘interesting’ people here, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I hope you get parole again soon. Wish you were here. 



Your Sis

Who else?”


On the other side of the text is a picture of both my sister and her son standing in front of the famous Golden Gate bridge. It seemed like yet another foggy day in the image, but the morning sun seemed to sneak past the clouds and revealed the bridge’s true crimson color.


Just then a small hint of light from the window hit the corner of my eye. I turned my head to view outside the window and could see many clouds dispersed among the bright sky. On the window sill is a wooden toy boat my nephew made. He named it “S.S. Homestead.”

The End

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