Purple Toenails

Squirty was excited about his (almost) ability to fly and wanted to teach the unicorn puppy with peanut butter wings to obey his commands but the dragon scale did not feel like sticking around. "Come on! The king is waiting. You cannot leave a king waiting to be rescued! It just isn't done!" So Squirty reluctantly detached the eager unicorn puppy from his back and followed the scale. The unicorn puppy forlornly trailed behind. "Where are we going?" Squirty was very interested in meeting a king but he was not at all sure how they would find one. He had never, in all his days exploring the sun, met a king nor did he know what one looked like. "We're going to the moon. But first we must meet PT. " Squirty came to the quick conclusion that the scale did not much like talking but he was a curious fish and asked another question anyways. "What is a PT? Can you eat it? 'Cause I'm hungry now. Does it taste like marshmallows? I suppose I could eat the unicorn puppy's wings." Squirty glanced back at the puppy who was still following them. "PT is a person. A unicorn, in fact, and doubt he tastes like marshmallows." They rounded a solar flare and a unicorn stepped from behind the sandcastle he was building. "Hi. I'm Purple Toenails but you can call me PT." Squirty glanced down and saw that PT's toenails were indeed purple.
The End

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