Squirty and The King of Bloogers

Squirty is a super fish that goes on an adventures. He does many amazing things, and its all fantabulous and dull

Squirty is a super fish. He has a blue diamond pinned to his left gill and likes to lick unicorn puppies. He has super adventures that are superly awesome and excitingly dull. This is the story of Squirty and the Blooger king. 

Squirty was flying around in the middle of the sun when he found a letter that looked like a green blowfish had kissed it. Curious, he opened the letter and a small plaid dragon scale floated out. As he examined the scale, it began to talk to him.

"Hello! I am the plaid dragon scale and I am here to tell you that your going to go on an adventure that involves a flying unicorn with purple toenails, a king, and some other stuff i can't think up at this moment. Okay?"

Stunned by the talking scale, Squirty looked around the sun and replied,"Can i have a juice box first?"

So after Squirty drank his juice box, he threw it into the sun and it turned into a flying puppy that started to chew on its wing that was made out of peanut butter. As Squirty watched the puppy, the plaid dragon scale swam through the fire of the sun up behind him and bite him in the bottom. As Squirty turns to figure out what happened, he finds himself in a big green field of growing stuff, and sees a unicorn puppy. So he goes and licks the unicorn puppy. And it BITES HIS BOOGERS!!

But fish dont have boogers, so instead it stuck itself on Squirty's back. So now, Squirty can fly. kinda.

The End

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