never knew about reincarnation one year ago my pet rats passed away and due
them getting out of cage I couldn't buy any more one August night we saw these two little squirrels running after each other when I was with my Respite worker

"Could it be squirrels?" you say

seeing two racing through the playing. being as happy as a lark.

     I said in my prayers," Lord, we can't live without them ."

Some said to a squirrel darting here and there,"ANNIE, are you my Abbey"

There came a wink and a nod in the squirrel's dark beautiful eyes.

"They are. the talk of the block. Seeing at them stopping at the lights  and all the cars stopping too." Tom said.  

We could not have them as female rats them any longer in the house. also they passed  away but we can not have rats any longer

" And so God made them into squirrels."

So if' you are in  the Winnipeg area and can go to the Central Park , do so.  You'll probably recieve a wink from two squirrels who just come to greet you  and them give a smile as  they will in their way give you their's. after chase after each other up their favourite tree, as they say,"You can't catch us. Told you, so."

"Hah Ha! See you again another day."

As you look at them as they play. So full of fun.    

"we're on our way. Have a good day!" they say as they wave good bye.

Joyce Carol Lancaster and Richard Edwards

The End

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