Squatchi meets a group of tourists

SquatOk thats enough.  Time to set out and roam the forest as per usual.

In a bit of a melancholy mood Squatchi thought a trip to the meadow might cheer him up. It was a long way to walk so he usually didnt go there- and also there were those annoying spirit bears.  Squatchi usually tried to avoid them, with their strange Canadian funding and strange interest in something called 'the youth vote,' they were just weird.  But perhaps they wouldn't be there today.  So with hope in his heart Squatchi set out for his long hike.


Getting closer to his destination Squatchi started noticing some strange things, pieces of coloured fabric tied to low branches, strange loud crinkly wrappings on the forest floor.  Squatchi picked one up and smelled it- delicious!  He popped it into his mouth.  Hmm, he thought, it smells way tastier than it is. 


Wondering what was going on, Squatchi continued on towards the meadow.  When he got there what he saw astounded him.

The Spirit Bears had set up some kind of a camp and among them were beings that Squatchi had never seen before- strange hairless beings, similar in form to the annoying monkeys of the river bottom.  What was this all about?  Squatchi moved in closer to investigate

The End

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