Squatchi and the fire inside

It was a beautiful day in the magical forest- Squatchi had just finished brushing his teeth.  His breakfast of bark, leaves and berries always got stuck in his teeth and he didnt want scare anybody he came across with bark encrusted teeth.  Who was he kidding?  In the middle of the forest, the magical forest!  Everyone here already knew him and his bark mulched teeth! 


Sigh!  Squatchi was lonely.


It hadn't always been like this.  Squatchi remembered his childhood full of love and laughter.  He had been happy.  He never expected to end up all alone.  But here he was with no friends, no family and not even a pet to keep him company.


Well Squatchi was not going to let that get him down.  He was a man of optimism.  He believed that hard work and perserverence would get you anywhere you wanted. 

Hell he told himself that yesterday.  He wondered if he actually believed it. 

Well he doubted it yesterday too and look where that got him. Sigh...


enough angst.


Squatchi set off for his usual walk of the forest.  Hoping, that today at least, he would come across something different.



The End

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