Twists and TurnsMature

Janie was supposed to show up any minute. I hadn't wanted to come to Lamaze class, but our parents had insisted, so I had showed up. But Janie was late. I wasn't overly surprized,  but a little annoyed.

It had been a hot summer. Heat and pregnancy were not a comfortable combination. Our bellies had grown, side by side, causing changes in more than our outward appearances.

My cellphone rang, and I muttered as I heaved myself off the floor and grabbed it out of my bag. It was Janie, I presume to tell me she is going to be late. I had figured that out on my own, thank you.


The crumbled little voice on the other end of the line was not the spunky voice I was used to hearing from my friend.

"Cashmere, it's... it's the baby. I lost it."

My hand went instantly to my stomach, swollen with life growing inside it. I gripped the phone, a slight sweat breaking over me.

"I'm coming."

Grabbing my bag, I headed for my car with as much speed as possible, wondering when life had gone rancid and why I hadn't expected it to sooner.

The End

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