Lucifer, King of the DemonsMature



The Heavens clashed together as Lucifer, GOD's favorite angel, appeared in front of him. Smoothly, like a serpent, he walked to the Lord's feet and knelt.

"You summoned me, O Lord?" he said manneredly, his robe bending with his waist delicately. The Lord looked on him in disgust.

"You, my most favored, have forsaken me. I cannot allow you to be in my sight any longer." The voice of the Lord shook the heavens as Lucifer's face melted in shock.

"My Lord, you confuse me. How have I forsaken you? I live to serve you."

"And serve me you shall, in a new establishment. I forbid you for taking any steps into Heaven from now on. Now go." Lucifer stayed in shock. "GO!"  said the Lord, and Lucifer was cast from Heaven into Hell, the eternal abyss of torture. He lay there weeping, crying aloud.

"What have I done to anger you so? GOD! What have I done?!"



"Lucifer..." whispered Jenner quietly. The man turned and gave a snicker.

"I haven't been called that in a while. I guess in a few moments I will be forcibly led out by Michael. That is, if he can stay Michael for a few moments."

Michael was sneering in disgust. Gabriel looked at Lucifer and nodded.

"I do only need a few moments, Gabriel." Lucifer lowered his sunglasses and looked on Gabriel. Jenner saw that his eyes were stone black, like his own. Gabriel nodded again.

Lucifer shook a lock of hair from his face and

The End

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