Jenner waited. He waited for what seemed like an eternity, alone, and becoming more and more alone with every second that went by. His spirits were crushed. He had hoped that he might have survived that push off of the bridge. And his girlfriend... his... girlfriend...

Her name. What was her name?

Jenner cried out aloud. He was only seventeen, and he already had some form of Alzhiemers. Why could he not remember her face, her name? Her hair colour, her skin, her body! All was gone! All he could remember was her eyes, her green green eyes, like the forest in the sun, or grass in the summer.

She was gone. Gone from mind, gone from life.

Jenner cried into his hands until he could not cry anymore.



"Hey," he said, waving to a shadow of a figure against the night sky, "I found you!" 

The figure made a giggling motion that Jenner could not hear. She was too far away- his beloved, his future wife. They had planned having children, and were actually trying, even though  they knew it was illegal. Statuatory... something like that. Rape?

Suddenly his girlfriend disappeared. A man's form instead was over her, beating her, and she was screaming, but the fear that Jenner felt was too great, and he could not hear. Adrenaline rushed into his throat as he tried to decide what to do, but he was frozen in shock and hiding.

The man took out a knife and stabbed her seven times in the back, then took out his privates and raped her.

All Jenner could do was watch and cry, in horror and shame, thinking that he was going to die next.



Jenner was from California, originally. He was born in Santa Ana and grew up in Santa Rosa. Lots of Santas in California.

He attended the Santa Rosa Schools, graduating with a 4.5 in his class early- he was four in the first grade. His family was mixed- his father was Asian and his mother was Italian. Growing up with such a culinary experience made Jenner realise early that he wanted to become a chef, blending his experience with both Chinese, Japanese, and Italian dishes. The first thing he ever made was a spaghetti with peking duck and a sweet and hot sauce. It was quite delicious.

Jenner never was afraid of anything, and he really had nothing to fear. He lived in a very nice part of town, hardly ever left his home(he was usually on the computer), and thought, as many teenagers do, that he was invincible.

For the first time in his life, he knew that he could die.


When Michael and Gabriel came back, they were closely followed by another man. He was wearing a lab coat as well, but it was blue, like the colour of the sky. He, too, was the marbly white colour that was reminicient of cream and had white-blonde hair, but it went to below his shoulders in a ruler-straight fashion. He wore sunglasses over his eyes and cream coloured pants.

His presence made Jenner shiver. It was uncomfortable, as if someone were watching him even though he saw no one around him.

"Is this he?" asked the new man. His voice, unlike the other men, was sharp and to the point, with no echoing undertones. The other two did not seem to like the other man very much at all; disgust lit their faces.

"Yes," answered Michael. He looked sadly at Jenner.

"Hmmph." The new man scoffed as he walked over to Jenner. "Yes, I see... his skin is what caused your testing, say you?"

The others nodded. As the other man inspected Jenner, Michael and Gabriel exchanged worried and angry looks. Jenner noticed how alike they looked and surmised they must be related.

"And you're sure of the results?" the sunglassed man asked. A small hissing came from Michael, and Gabriel said over him, "Yes, sir." He turned to Michael and whispered to him. It looked like a repremand, like, 'control yourself'.

"Hmmm. He came here like this. How unusual. Is he a Moderate or Severe?"

"Neither, sir, he's a Seldom," answered Gabriel. Michael seemed unable to talk- as if he were holding something back from getting loose. Gabriel kept shooting Michael worried glances.

"Interesting... good. He's mine to dispose of."

Michael started to form a growl in the back of his throat. His face was contorting evilly, like a wolf as it snarls before a kill.

"Michael-" started Gabriel, but Michael spoke over him, his voice harsh and gravelly as if some demon had just possesed him.

"You get out of here," he said. "Get out now, Lucifer."

The End

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