"H-Heaven. Like, where you go when you... die." said Jenner. All emotion had left him. All he could feel was the air leaving his chest in shock, an empty feeling settling into his heart. " I don't believe you. I... I really don't believe you. You're just making me think that so you can put weird testing things all over me, so I think that there's nothing left of my life, so you can have me for what you want! What would you do with me after, huh? Rape me and eat my entrails? Well, you're not getting them! I'm not dead! HAH!"

"Well, Jenner, you're kind of right. You're not dead, but you're not alive, either. You're in limbo, I guess, whatever that is. You're what we call a Zombie."

Jenner snorted. "Well, Michael, what are you going to test on me? Shampoos?"

"No, actually, we have to test on your DNA. We just need a simple swab of your saliva, or maybe some blood if you want it to go a bit faster. We're just going to put your sample through an electrophoresis table and figure your DNA. Is that okay with you?"

Not really understanding what Michael even said, Jenner nodded, and added, "I don't really want my blood taken, I'm kind of oogey when it comes to blood."

Michael was quiet. "I see," he said softly. Then he perked up, but the smile was rather fake- his beautiful eyes were sad. "Alright, I'll just take a swab of your tongue, then, shall I?"

He did so gracefully, getting in the back of Jenner's throat without Jenner even feeling it, put the sanitary swab in its container, sealed it, and pulled out a sticker and a permanent marker. He started to fill out the name on it, but Jenner pointed out that his name was spelled with an 'E', not a 'U'. Michael blushed a bit, his cheeks turning grey, however, and he crossed off the mistake.

"Wait," said Jenner, as Michael was about to walk out of the room, "Why do you need to test on me?"

Michael was silent as he turned on the balls of his feet. Jenner appreciated the outfit that Michael wore- a kind of cloak that looked very much like a doctor's coat, but was a reddish color, a crimson. It made him stand out in the white room and drew less attention to Jenner, and his nighttime skin.

"Well," thought Michael, his face scrunching slightly as he thought, "I guess just DNA for now. Once we get the results, we'll know for sure what is going to happen. It'll only be twenty minutes."

Michael smiled and turned again, the faint smell of roses that carried with him leaving with him.

And for some reason, even though he knew he was being watched, Jenner felt utterly alone.

The End

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