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The archenemy of the union G.O.D(aka Great Obstacle Division) called D.E.M.On(Division Evangelist Mercenary Onslaught) has taken over by sending Squadrant 666 out to reek havoc! When a series of horrible things happen in the world, a special Squadrant is called upon to eradicate the problem. This happens in the newest series of dark poems and stories by aiding_in_the_rebellion entitled "End of Days". Squadrant AlphaOmega is called to battle against Squadrant 666, trying to reach the goal of Code


Jenner Michaels awoke in a daze, but did not open his eyes.The last thing he wanted to do was see the bodily harm that he had caused himself in the last day. All to save his girlfriend, who died anyway. What a waste of perfection, he thought, trying to hold back his tears of anguish. I could have saved her from that man. I could have pushed him over the bridge, instead of vice versa. I could have raped ... no, that's going too far. But his girlfriend, mugged, raped, and dead, would have scorned him for these thoughts. The tears started to form again as John thought about his girlfriends' voice, her eyes, her face...

Which appeared fuzzy to him. It must be the injuries I have, he thought as he could not remember his girlfriend's physical construction. Must be. Must be. This pain must be so unbearable, too, since I can't feel it. They must have me on some serious meds. Slowly, Jenner opened his eyes to see what damage he had incurred on his body. He raised a hand to wipe his black hair out of his equally black eyes, seeing his tannish hand. No bandages yet, he thought hopefully. Gingerly he sat up, taking in his body. No damage... at all. No bandages, no splints.

Feeling relieved, yet wary, Jenner looked around the room that he was in. The bed he lay on was in the very corner, leaving a huge gap in the middle. It was filled with a white rug. The floor was made of a whitish wood that Jenner remembered was oak. The walls were made of pure white marble. Looking back at himself, Jenner noticed that he was clothed in pure white, and the bedsheets were pure white as well. So was the bed. On closer examination, Jenner noticed that there was no door.

What a weird hospital, thought Jenner, taking off the white blanket from himself and swinging his legs to the edge of the bed. His skin popped out much more in all the white, making him look darker than his Asian origins usually allowed. He looked... black. No, not of African descent... Black like night, black like the void opposite of color.

Suddenly, a very tall man was in the room with him, making Jenner cry out in shock and sit back on the bed.


The man made a brisque movement with his head as he said this. Jenner, however, didn't quite notice, since the sound of the man's voice entralled him, captivated him, so that he could not concentrate and instead went into a sort of trance, almost. He did not answer. He wanted the beautiful man to speak again; and he was beautiful. He was tall and muscular, white, and had white-blonde hair. He wore a white 'wife beater' and white pants. But yet again, Jenner pondered at the color. Not white like Caucasian, white like the opposite of black, white like the brilliance of the clouds in the sky.

"You must be very confused," said the man, "But soon everything will become clear, with time." His voice rang out like trumpets, and ran smooth through the air as if the beautiful noise, like an orchestra warming up and making its beginning notes heard, was an actual object, like satin running through the room, over the white walls and bed, carressing Jenner's skin with its smooth, soft folds.

"Ohh," said Jenner. He couldn't help it. The sound of his own voice, blatant and harsh, woke him up from his trance. "Where am I?" he asked, trying to make his voice soft so he did not have to listen to it. "Who are you?"

"My name is Gabriel," said the man, "Part of the Squadrant A.O. And you are in our headquarters."

"Oh," said Jenner, "Well if you want me to, I'll leave right now. It's no problem, really, just-"

Jenner tried to stand, but the man, Gabriel, motioned for him to stay seated. "Actually," he said, "We need you here. For testing."

Jenner's breath caught in his throat. "What do you mean, testing? Are you... oh, my Go-"

"NO!" yelled Gabriel, putting his hand on Jenner's mouth. What followed was bliss. Instantly as Gabriel put his hand in contact with Jenner's skin, an ambrosial liquidity flew into Jenner, making him feel melted, and making him feel one with the air, both heavy and light, as if he were flying. A light sprang up into his vision that made everything else disappear, and he reached for it, longing it, needing to find it and be with it for ever-

And Gabriel smacked him upside the head. "You must never say that word here! Say 'gosh' or something. Just don't say ... that. Alright?"

Jenner took a moment to find himself again, nodding faintly, and then asked hoarsely, "What are you...?"

Gabriel did not answer, but an uncomfortable look crossed his beautiful face. "I am going to leave you with another... one of us, and he will take you to the testing facility. He will probably explain everything to you so you can understand. And please, try not to overreact. What you hear is real, no matter what you think. It's just... well, just a matter of faith."

Jenner breathed in slowly and nodded. Gabriel turned and started to walk towards the opposite wall. When he reached it, he made a pushing gesture towards it and it opened, letting another man into view. Gabriel whispered something, but Jenner heard "Hospice" and "therapy" in his words. The other man nodded and put a hand gingerly on Gabriel's shoulder, his face contorted in compassion. It was painful to see. The other man was just as beautiful, with a babyish face. His eyes were so blue that they traveled all the way across the room.

The man was maybe more beautiful, having wavy locks of the white-blonde hair and white skin, so unrealistically coloured.

"Hello," he said, his voice a little higher than Gabriel's. He walked gracefully over to Jenner and sat on the bed softly, without it even bowing under his weight. "My name is Michael, and you're in Heaven."

The End

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