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I can't explain crap so I'm just gonna say that it's a supernatural series about werewolves. And I appreciate any and all feedback I can get. Thanks.

Chapter 1

Last Tuesday, I attended my aunt's funeral. I find her death odd, as do others, but the final report concluded it as an animal attack. I mean, it's not too much of a stretch considering that we live in Colorado, but the manner in which it happened is still strange. She was killed outside of her house, on the front porch of her trailer. A wolf, mountain lion, or any other kind of wild animal wouldn't normally come so close to civilization, even if she did live on the outskirts. Plus, said "animal" didn't do anything with the body; just killed her and left.

What is even weirder is that she’s not the only one. There have been three other deaths all ruled as animal attacks. One was in Spruce Woods outside of town, one was in an alley inside Eastcliff, and one in an abandoned neighborhood, where a homeless man was killed. If it was only one or two attacks that happened inside of town, it would have been odd, but nothing to get suspicious over. I would have assumed it was just a fluke. But three? And a fourth outside of town? I’m not so sure what’s happening is animal attacks.

I tried to rationalize it by telling myself that the wolf population is at an unusual high, but it's hard, especially because of the time that they are happening. It’s been every month for the past four months, for only one day: the full moon. At first I thought nothing of it, but now? Once or twice is a coincidence, but four? That's a pattern.

Of course, this was strange and mysterious to me, but my first thought wasn’t, Werewolves are real! I’d have to be crazy to just immediately hop aboard that train. No, I tried to rationalize it, telling myself that if werewolves were real, what makes me so special that I would be the one to find out? If they were real, wouldn’t someone have found proof a long time ago? Why would I get to witness something so magical and mysterious and horrifying? There's much more important people than me.

But another thought kept persisting as well. Isn’t that what everyone thinks before something crazy happens to them?

Even at that point, I didn’t really believe it, or even bother trying to find out for sure. I pushed it out of my mind and continued on, figuring it’d all work out itself out soon enough.

Or at least, I was, until what happened two days ago. I was heading home with one of my close friends, Parker, at the time, when I stopped near the alley to wait for him as he went ahead to talk to someone. People brushed by me so I backed myself into the alley by a couple feet, when seemingly out of nowhere a man darted toward me, as silent and graceful as a panther. He ripped me from my wheelchair, almost seemed as if he was waiting for me. Sadly, with the speed of it all, I didn't get a good look at him; just a brief glimpse of glowing red eyes and sharp, pointed teeth. He had my arm awful close to those teeth, which leads me to believe he may have been trying to bite me.

Parker, with a very lucky shot, hit him in the arm with his pocketknife, and the man let me go after I tried to stab him with it. We agreed that he probably saw the knife, figured we were more prepared than he originally thought, and took off. Other than my numb legs getting scraped up by the fall on the way down, I wasn't hurt any by the whole ordeal; just shook up for awhile.

That was the moment that I truly began to believe that werewolves are real. Before, I already had the idea placed in my head, but it wasn't until I actually saw the glowing eyes and elongated teeth that I believed it. But even yet, I have no idea what to do with this information, nor any clue what I should about it. If I should do anything, that is. Not quite sure what I would do, being that I'm literally a crippled teenage girl, but I would give it a shot if something needed to be done.

"Ouch," I mutter to myself, having accidentally hit my elbow on the door frame while leaving my room. I wheel myself to the next room over, which belongs to my identical twin sister, Logan. I should probably be in bed asleep right now, as should she, but I can't get my mind off of what happened in the alley. I can hear Logan playing her piano from my room, so I know she's still up. Our mom is working at the hospital tonight, as her nursing job seems to be keeping her there more than usual lately.

"Hey, Logan," I say as I push the door open. Her fingers stop, hovering over the keys for a moment before she pulls her hands away from the keyboard. "Can you not sleep either?"

"No," she says, shaking her head. Her long blonde hair falls in her eyes before she brushes it back again. "But since you're here, Lucas and I were talking earlier, and we're thinking about going on a trip next weekend. Well," she says, tilting her head, "we're not really going very far, just to his cousin's cabin a couple hours away in the woods, but anyway, I thought you and Elijah might want to come. Lucas already invited a couple other people, too, so you can invite your friends if you want."

Lucas, who I prefer to refer to as Luke, is Logan's boyfriend of nearly a year. I really hated him at first, but he's grown on me over time; I actually enjoy hanging out with him occasionally, which is saying something.

Oddly enough, his best friend, Elijah, is my boyfriend. We started dating over a year ago, when I was a sophomore and fifteen. Now I'm a junior and sixteen, soon to be seventeen. Honestly, I think what made me like him in the first place was simply because he liked me. I was handicapped and couldn't walk and he was a completely normal teenager who liked me.

Well, normal besides the mismatched eyes; one is green, the other is blue. I find them absolutely beautiful, though not everyone does. Some might think of it as a mutation, which I guess it technically is, but I prefer to think of it as a perfect imperfection.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that you want to go to a cabin, in the woods, after there have been a series of animal attacks recently? Have you absolutely lost your mind?"

She shakes her head. "I'm going, Jules, and that's that. We'll be fine. I have to go."

I roll my eyes. "You don't have to go. Seriously, we could do this some other time--"

"No," she interrupts. "We're not cancelling it. It has to be that weekend. I really do have to go."

I pause, desperately wanting to say something but not wanting to test that look in her eyes. She seems to relax after a moment, her shoulders dropping a bit. "If you don't want to go, that's fine. But I'm going."

"Oh my....wait," I say, interrupting myself as something hits me. "Wait a second. Next weekend....where's your calendar?" She points at her pink and green bulletin board on the wall above her clear desk across the room, and I wheel over to it. A calendar with pictures of fluffy kittens on it is opened up to the month of November. I search for the date of next weekend, simply confirming what I've already realized.

There's a full moon next Friday.

"What is it?" she asks, backing away from her piano. Her bed squeaks as she plops down on it behind me, while my hand stays wavering over the calendar for a moment as I assess my options. I told Logan about what happened in the alley, but I didn't admit that I thought the man was a werewolf. I haven't told her anything about the werewolf stuff at all actually, because I know how crazy it sounds. But I think I need to. For some reason, she seems particularly tenacious about wanting to go on this trip, and this may be the only way for me to convince her not to go.

I let my hand drop. "I need to tell you something, Logan."

"Okay," she says, sounding confused. I see her squinting at me like I'm weirding her out as I spin my wheelchair back around.

Just you wait, I think.

"Alright," I gulp. My hands fiddle with each other in my lap. "I–I guess I'm just gonna put this bluntly: I...think the killings that have been happening are because of werewolves."

Logan stares at me with a blank look on her face that I could only describe as either confusion or fear. "We--werewolves?"

"I know I sound crazy, but hear me out. Isn't it weird how people have been dying? It's happened at intervals: once a month, and only on the full moon. Plus, how they've been attacked in town. What they died from was obviously slashes and bites from an animal, yet they were in town where animals usually don't venture to."

"Wh--where are you going with this?" she asks, the same frozen expression on her face.

"It's not just that, I--I saw something the other day. When...when that man attacked me, he had glowing eyes. Glowing red eyes. They didn't look like contacts, and..and his teeth were sharp. Like a dog's. I think that he...may have been trying to bite me with the way that he was holding me and...yeah."

I stop myself before I can go any further, because I know if I do I'll end up rambling.

She gulps, looking around. "Julia, that's crazy. Seriously, I think you're tired. Go take a nap or something."

"I'm not just tired, Logan. I know what I saw! If anything, you’re tired. Look in the mirror. You have dark circles under your eyes and I’ve heard you up in your room in the middle of the night. What’s up with that, anyway?”

She shakes her head. “Nothing. I’ve just been busy here lately.”

I watch her for a few moments as the same icy blue eyes I see in the mirror every day flicker to the ground, not meeting mine. Something’s up. She’s been...distant lately. Pretty quiet, and we haven’t been talking as much as we used to. It seems like she only talks when she has to. Then, there’s the losing sleep thing on top of that. Part of me wonders if she’s been avoiding me. Especially the past few days. Until tonight, we’ve barely been together at all, which is unlike us. I just don’t know why.

"Anyway, I really think it's a bad idea to go to the cabin next weekend," I say. "There's going to be a full moon, and I don't want anyone to get hurt. It's dangerous."

"I'm. Going," she says. I bite down on my teeth, then sigh after a moment.

"Fine. If you're going, then I'm going. But when we all get brutally murdered, I blame you."

With that, I wheel back into my room, closing both of our doors on the way. I really, really don't want to go, but there's no way in hell I'm letting Logan go without me being there too. So, I guess I got a little over a week to prepare myself in case something does go down. If there really is a werewolf running around killing people, I'm gonna need a lot more than Parker's pocketknife and a lucky throw to take it down.

Now that I'm thinking about it, was the man I saw the one who has been killing people?

A chill creeps down my spine and I shiver at the thought. Was I seriously almost his next victim and just lucked out?

The End

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