Chapter 22Mature

Chapter 22

“What happened?” Rachel asks, looking around with huge eyes.

“Um..” I say, glancing at Tiffany for help. She doesn’t say anything so I go back to Rachel. “This is gonna sound really crazy, but, kind attacked by something. Your stomach was ripped open and we all thought you were going to die, but...somehow you healed.”

Rachel doesn’t say anything, her mouth hanging open as she stares off. I figured she’d be calling us crazy or denying it, but she isn’t.

“You don’t seem very surprised,” Tiffany says.

“No, um..” Rachel starts, “it’s just..some weird things have happened to me before. And it’s been getting more frequent.”

“Like what?” I ask. Could she be a werewolf? I mean, even if she wasn’t bitten, there’s the possibility that she could be a natural-born one. If she is, it seems that an awful lot of people in my life are werewolves.

“Like..anytime I joke with someone and tell them to do something, it’s they’re in some kind of trance. They’ll actually go do whatever I said. Same thing when I’m simply asking someone to do something. They’ll immediately do it as if they’re in a trance. And...oh my god, I sound crazy don’t I? Why am I even telling you guys this, you’re not going to believe me. Just forget this happened.” She moves like she’s going to get up but I grab her arm to stop her.

“No, no, no,” I say. “We believe you, we believe you. If you notice, you’re not the only one who has..has healed, if you know what I’m saying.”

She furrows her brows at me, then notices Logan behind me. She looks back at me, seeing my legs-my working legs-and I see it click.

“Oh my god, you’re legs! Or is it her legs?” she asks, pointing to Logan.

“No, no, I’m Julia, that’s Logan.” I use my thumb to point at Logan over my shoulder. “All I can tell you is that I’ve healed too. If you tell us what else has happened to you maybe we can help.”

I try to avoid telling her that we’re werewolves. For her own safety. If she’s not one herself, telling her about us could put her in danger. I look at Tiffany to see what she thinks, and am met with raised eyebrows and a look that says, Don’t say anything else.

“Um,” Rachel says, looking down at her legs. “Well, as you can see, I-I heal. That only started maybe a month or two ago. And it’s never been a wound..a wound as bad as today’s. So, I can heal, I can, like, control people sometimes, and, this is going to sound even weirder, but any time I sing in front of people, they..I don’t know it’s like they’re hypnotized. They off, staring at me. They don’t say anything, and it’s like they’re waiting for something to happen. They don’t move or do anything when I speak to them, unless I tell them to do something. Then they’ll do whatever I tell them. That’s why I don’t sing in public anymore.”

I look at Tiffany. “What do you think?” She shrugs. “I really don’t know. But..I don’t think she’s a you-know-what. She’s something else.”

“I’m a what now?” Rachel asks. We ignore her and continue talking.

“Do you supernatural creature?” I ask.

“Yeah,” Tiffany says, looking from Rachel to me. “But I don’t know what. And it seems like neither does she.”

“Whoa, hold up,” Sarah says. “There are other supernatural creatures? Like what?”

“Yes,” Tiffany replies. She glances at all of us in turn. “Did you all just assume you were the only ones?”

“Uh..pretty much,” Logan says. I open my mouth to speak but Rachel beats me to it.

“Okay, somebody tell me what the hell is going on?”

I stare at Tiffany. “We might as well tell her everything we know. I’m sure she’s already in danger, being that she’s in the supernatural creature club, so we might as well tell her.”

“No. Not yet. Monday. We can talk Monday.”

I restrain myself from snapping at her. “Fine.” I gaze at Rachel. “I’m sorry, Rachel. I’ll find you sometime Monday, and maybe then we can figure all this out. If anything else happens, can you let one of us know?”

She glares at me. “Hell no.”

I flinch back, surprised by her small outburst. “Excuse me?”

“No, I’m not going to keep you updated. Until you tell me what you are, and what’s going on, I’m not telling you anything. I’m going home.” She gets up, and takes a step before Logan grabs her arm.

“Wait. Are..are you Luke’s sister? I recognized you before, and you’re name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t figure out where I’ve seen you.”

Rachel peers at Logan, curious. “Yes. I’m his sister. And I know who you are. Now get your hand off me before I grab it and break it myself.”

Logan removes her grip from around Rachel’s arm. “I’m-I’m sorry. One last thing before you go. Do you remember what happened, who attacked you?”

“No, I don’t. And if I remember I’ll be sure to not let you know. Goodbye.” She turns around and walks off, this time nobody stopping her.

“Well, she was..quite the character,” Tiffany says.

“And by quite the character I assume you mean a bitch,” Logan says.

“C’mon, guys,” I say. “We did kind of have her tell us everything and then tell her nothing. I’d be a little upset too.”

“Well, I’d love to stay here talking all day, but my parents are wondering where I’m at and I need to get home. Can I have ride?” Sarah asks.


We pull up in Sarah’s driveway a few minutes later. “Thanks for the ride. I’ll try to come over after school sometime tomorrow.”

Right then is when I decide that if I’m going to ask Sarah to help us on Sunday, I better do it now. “Hey, can I use your bathroom real fast?”

“Yeah, c’mon.” I hop out of the Logan’s jeep and follow Sarah up the drive and into their large, two-story house. As soon as Sarah closes the door behind me, I spin around and start whispering to her. “Okay, I didn’t actually need to go to the bathroom, I just really needed to talk to you alone.”

I then proceed to tell her about my idea as fast as I can and ask for her help. “It’s probably not even gonna come to that, but just in case it does, do you think you can do it? All you have do is light the fire and run out of there as fast as you can.”

“Of course I will, Julia. No problem.” We hear footsteps coming from upstairs and Sarah turns to look at the staircase behind her, then turns back to me. “Look, my parents are coming downstairs, I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay? I love you, Jules.” She gives me a quick squeeze and then ushers me out the door before I can get a word in.

I hear her dad speaking to her on the opposite side of the door as I walk to the car. I hope she doesn’t get in trouble.


“There’s some stuff I have to go out and do,” Tiffany says. “I’ll be back before morning and then I’ll be back after school for training.” We went back home and after getting somewhat settled in for the night, Tiffany tells me this.

“What kind of stuff?” I ask, squinting at her as I sit down on the living room couch next to Logan.

“Just stuff. Don’t worry about it, okay? I promise it’s not anything bad.” I sip my tea and she waits. “Is that okay?” she adds when I don’t say anything.

I shrug my shoulders. “I mean, I can’t make you not go, and it would really make me feel better if you’d tell me what you were doing. I don’t want you to get hurt or anything, careful.”

“You don’t need to worry. See you later.”

“Bye,” I say as she walks away. Logan and I stay quiet as I drink my tea and she searches for something to watch on the tv for a few minutes, until Logan breaks the silence.

“So what do you think about that? She’s been acting strange all day. I really, really think something’s up with her.”

“I don’t know, Logan. I do think she’s hiding something from us, what with her having that cell phone and leaving like she is, but...I don’t think she means us any harm. I mean, she’s living with us, and she’s helping us and training us. Why would she want to do something to us?”

Logan sighs. “I don’t know. She just acts so suspicious.”

“I get what you mean. But we haven’t told said anything to her that we don’t want her to know, and as long as we continue that, it doesn’t really matter what she intends to do. Speaking of which, I came up with a plan earlier.”

I tell her that I plan on trying to work out something with Marcus, and if we can’t, we’ll try to kill him. I don’t tell her that I intend to do that by myself, without her. I also tell her about the backup plan, and that I already have Sarah agreeing to it. Now we just need Luke to agree, and on Sunday we can go get everything set up. The only thing we really have to do is get the gasoline and pour it around the clearing.

Logan doesn’t say anything at first, staring blankly at the tv as Mean Girls plays. “Maybe I should just let him kill me. It’d be best that way for everyone. Sure, you’d still have to deal with him, but he doesn’t want to kill you. It would solve all our problems..with Marcus, with the twin thing-”

“No, Logan, that’s not an option. You promised me you wouldn’t let him kill you.”

“I’m not. I’m just saying that’s probably our best option.”

“It really isn’t,” I say, staring at her though she won’t look at me. “Don’t do anything stupid, okay?”

“Yeah,” she grunts. I finish drinking my tea, wash the dishes in the kitchen, then go back in the living room to find my mom’s laptop.

“Hey, is Mom’s laptop in her room still?” I ask.

“Yeah, I think so,” Logan says. I take the first door on the left in the hallway, my mother’s room, and find her laptop sitting on her dresser. I take it into my room and log on, discovering that it’s already two in the morning. Well, it’s too late to go to sleep now.

I try finding some kind of a garden or a greenhouse in Colorado. There are tons, so I narrow the search down to some in my area. Turns out there is a botanical garden outside of Eastcliff a few miles, and there are two greenhouses in town. I write down the phone numbers and opening times to all three, along with the owners names on the greenhouses. I’ll have to call them in the morning. Hopefully at least one will have wolfsbane.

After getting one task accomplished, I decide to see what I can find about the information Rachel told us. The singing, the mind control, the healing, all of it. I try many variations of searches, but come up with nothing. Plenty of articles for various creatures pop up for the healing one, but none of them fit the criteria for Rachel.

I feel exhausted and want to sleep, but there’s still more I need to get done. I can barely hold my eyes open so I get up and walk around the house a bit. Logan fell asleep on the couch with the tv still on, so I take the remote and turn it off, then pull a blanket over Logan. Tiffany still isn’t back.

I wash my face off with cold water, forcing myself to wake up. I head back to my room and open up my mom’s laptop again, this time typing in Marcus’s name in the search bar. I realize I don’t know his last name, and I try narrowing it down by typing in our town name, but I still come up with about seven Marcus’s in Eastcliff. None have pictures or any indicator as to who is who, so I write them all down and type each in individually.

I find out that three of them are single, and I now know that Marcus is married, so I mark them off the list. Out of the four left, one of them has a Facebook profile for a twenty year old, so I mark him off the list too. I stop for a few minutes, trying to decide how else I can narrow it down. I finally decide that if I can just find their phone numbers, I’ll call them and listen to what their voice sounds like. I know it’s the middle of the night, but I really don’t care, which probably makes me sound like a jerk, but I don’t.

Upon searching, it takes me a while to find their numbers, but I eventually do. I call the first Marcus, in which a sleepy-voiced guy picks up. He grunts out an annoyed “Hello?” and as soon as I hear is high-pitched voice I know it’s not the Marcus I’m looking for. I scratch his name off the list. Just two more.

The next phone number I call, no one answers. I call it one more time but it just rings and rings. I leave his name alone and call the last number.

Someone almost immediately answers. “Hello?” I freeze after hearing Marcus’s gruff voice on the other line. “Hello?” he says again, sounding annoyed.

I shake out of my frozen stupor and hang up the phone. I found him. Marcus Baker. I circle his name on my paper, now with his name and number. All I need is an address. Takes me twenty minutes to find it, but I eventually do.

Everything’s falling into place now. I have Marcus’s address, somewhere where I can potentially get wolfsbane, and I have a back-up plan if worse comes to worse. Tomorrow I’ll go visit Marcus and try to work something out with him, but after seeing how he feels yesterday, I know it’s doubtful. He’s dead set on killing Logan, though I’m unsure why he cares so much about the people she killed.I could understand if he just wanted to punish her, tell her that that won’t be tolerated, but...a life for a life? Is that really the way to go about that? And especially for someone who couldn’t control what they were doing. What kind of leader sets an example like that for his pack to follow?

But I still have to try. So I’ll try negotiating with Marcus tomorrow, I’ll visit my mom in the morning before I do anything else, and I’ll check out the greenhouse’s and gardens. And if any of them has wolfsbane, I’ll go get it. I also have to train with Logan and Tiffany tomorrow, and I plan on tracking Parker down and telling him everything, which I feel extremely nervous about. I know I need to do it though, even if Elijah has already told him before I find him. And I need to see if I can get Luke’s help for Sunday night, just in case.

I also want to apply for a job at the mental hospital if I have time, and any other store that’ll take me nearby. I’m going to be really busy tomorrow, and I’m too worn out right now to do anything else, so I set the laptop on the nightstand, change into some worn out pajamas, and jump into bed.

I quickly drift off into a deep, blissful sleep. Or at least, it starts out that way. Soon I'm dreaming about the cabin, and for some odd reason both Rachel and Diana are there, both of them bleeding out inside of the cabin as I freak out, trying to save them. A deep voice says my name behind me and I turn to look, finding Marcus standing there with Logan, He has her pulled against him, his claws to her throat. His eyes glow a bright red and he wears a disturbingly happy smile on his face. I don’t even have time to scream her name before he rips his claws across her neck, blood splattering everywhere.

Then, suddenly, a scream shoots through my head. I realize it’s not mine, and I wake up. I shoot up in my bed, panting heavily, only to discover that the scream wasn’t a part of my dream.

The End

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