Chapter 20Mature

Chapter 20

Tiffany tells Logan to go to a park at the edge of town, and then we’ll walk into the woods a ways so we can be completely alone. Extreme safety measures if I’ve ever seen any, but I guess it’s good; that way no one gets hurt.

On the way there, after deciding on killing Marcus, I start to think about the powers we have. And, to be honest, I don’t really know the extent of our powers. So I ask Tiffany.

“So,” I say, leaning forward in my seat so I can look at her better. “Are there any powers that we have that I don’t know about yet?”

She turns her head and I get a whiff of shampoo radiating from her short  blonde hair, shoulder-length. “As you know, you have increased reflexes. You can run faster and longer than ever before. Amazing stamina. I really don't know when the last time I got tired was. You are incredibly strong. You can hear, see, and smell things you shouldn’t be able to hear, see, and smell. You rapidly regenerate from any wound you can possibly get. You can even help other people by taking their pain away. Some-”

“Wait, what?” I ask. “We can take other people’s pain away? Like, physical pain?”

“Yes. You didn’t know that? If a human, let’s say, gets stabbed with a knife and are in a whole bunch of pain, you can touch them, and you’ll share the pain with them. Not take it away completely, but it’ll definitely help. We just don’t do it often because it wears us out, and doing it too much can cause you to lose a little bit of your power. It makes us weaker, but it helps the other person if they are in dire need of it.” Incredible.

“Are you going to teach us how to do that?” I ask, intrigued. My hair falls in my face and I shove it out of the way before looking at her again. She brings her jade green eye up to meet mine. “Yeah, eventually. It’s not really something I have to teach you, I’ll just show it to you if you want. It pretty much happens on it’s own as soon as you touch someone in pain. You can touch them and not take their pain, but it takes time to learn that, and that’s not really a necessity. So I’ll show it to you if you want to do it.”

“I want to. Do you, Logan?” I swivel my head to look at her while she drives. She shrugs. “I’m indifferent. But if you’re gonna do it, I might as well do it too.”

“That’s the spirit,” I say. I focus back on Tiffany. “Any other powers?” Not that there’s not enough already, but she seemed like she had more to say earlier before I cut her off.

“Yeah. Sometimes, there are...mutations, of some sort. I don’t know what it is exactly, but for some reason some of us develop certain powers that others don’t when we, you know, become a werewolf.” I furrow my brow, looking at the dash and thinking. “Like Marcus? How he can..can make people think things and do things.”

“Exactly,” she says, nodding. “He’s the only one I’ve met who can do that. I, for example, can not only heal myself, but I can heal others as well.”

Sarah leans forward now, obviously interested by what we’re saying. “That’s incredible. Is it without pain? How well does it work?”

“Perfectly. I don’t know how it works, but I can heal someone completely of their injuries, like we do to ourselves. It seems to, like...deplete my energy, if you get what I’m saying. It wears me out, like when you guys take pain from someone. And no, I don’t feel anything when I do it.”

“Wow,” Sarah says, pausing before voicing the question we’re all thinking. “Are Logan and Julia going to have some kind of power?”

Tiffany shrugs, looking ahead at the road. “It’s possible, but you never really know for sure until they do it somehow. It seems to be about a fifty-fifty chance, so it could happen. Or it could not. I guess we’ll find out eventually, right?”

“Yeah,” I say, but my heart isn’t in it. I mean, who’s to say we’ll be alive long enough to find out? We’ll be alive. I’ll make sure of it. No matter what. We’re going to make it. I try comforting myself, but the thought still plagues me. Logan might not make it to next week. I might not make to next week. Like Tiffany said, I guess-we’ll find out eventually.

“Anyone else have powers like that that you know about?” I ask.

“Well, Roman can sense death. I’d say that counts.”

“Roman,” I say, squinting. I’ve heard that name before. Where? “What’s his last name?”


“Roman Griffith,” I say, mostly to myself. Then it clicks. “The one who teaches history at our school?”

“That’s the one.”

I take that in for a moment. My history teacher is a werewolf. A werewolf in the same pack as I am, and we see each other every day. I almost laugh at the irony of it. The whole time Parker, Sarah, and I have been researching and looking for werewolves, he’s been there the whole time, right in front of our eyes. Just teaching history, like any other teacher.  

“So, what do you mean he can sense death? Does he know when everyone will die?”

“No, no, nothing like that. He knows if someone will die, but he doesn’t know who, or when. It’s always someone near to him, within a few miles, and it’s usually no more than a few hours after he gets the feeling that something happens. He claims that the feeling doesn't go away until someone dies, but as soon as they do, the feeling disappears. We thought he was crazy as first, but every single time he gets the feeling, someone dies. He’s never been wrong, not once. So we listen to him when he tells us this stuff.”

“Huh,” I say. “That’s cool, I guess. Although it’d suck if you were all alone somewhere and you got the feeling.”

“Wow, Julia, way to put that thought in my head,” Sarah says, joking. “That would be terrible. I don’t think I’d want a power like that. Any other powers? Or mutations? Whatever you call ‘em.”

“Cecilia-you don’t know her-blends into the environment, like a chameleon. She can be practically invisible.”

“What about her clothes?” Sarah immediately asks. “Do they match the environment, too, or does she have to take them off?” Always asking the important questions, Sarah.

“She has to take them off. But I don’t like to think about that. It’s disturbing to imagine an invisible naked woman watching you.”

I smile, but can’t help but feel a tiny bit jealous. The possibilities with going invisible are endless. I'd love to do that. But then again, I'm grateful for just being able to walk again, let alone all the extra abilities I get along with it. “ I bet she makes one heck of a spy,” I say.

“Oh, she does,” Tiffany says, then winces like she regrets saying it. Don’t know what that’s about, but whatever. Then it hits me-the reason she might be acting like that. According to Luke, and practically Marcus himself, we’ve been watched for what, the past month or so? But we’ve never seen anyone, never noticed being watched. This could be why. She was invisible the whole time. We could never see her. It wasn’t our fault.

I feel a little better knowing that a grown woman was the one spying on us, instead of Marcus, but not much. It’s disturbing either way. And I want to know the extent of the spying. Was it just when we were out of the house? Or did someone look through windows too? Or was she inside the house with us?

That one sends shivers down my spine, but I shake it off, forcing myself to think about other things. Sadly, my thoughts instantly land on my plans from earlier. How badly I’m itching to tell Logan and Sarah about my ideas. But I promised Logan I wouldn’t say anything incriminating in front of Tiffany, so it’ll have to wait. Until Logan comes to trust her, she can’t know any of our plans. And to be honest, I don’t know if I trust her either. The whole situation with her is strange, and she’s never given us her full story. She had to have some kind of parent or guardian at the beginning of the year to enroll in school, and she is in school, so there was someone there. But now, according to her, she’s homeless. So what happened between then and now?

I’m not going to pressure about it, but it seriously bugs me. Sure, maybe she was a at foster home or something and they just didn’t care if she left, but it doesn’t feel that way. I don’t know, but now I remember something else I wanted to ask her.

“All right, this is gonna sound extremely weird, you know anything about twins? I mean, twin werewolves. Because-” Logan looks directly at me right at that moment, and I’m not sure if she means for me to stop or what. I hesitate, but I finish what I was saying anyway. She’s probably just worried I might say something about her memories. She knows I’ve seen, well, experienced some of her memories, but she doesn’t know which ones yet. I haven’t had time with her alone to tell her, so I’d be worried too.

“Because weird things have been happening to us, and I’m not sure if it’s some kind of power we both develop because we’re twins, or if we’re connected somehow…” I trail off and Tiffany finishes the sentence for me. “But you’re hoping I have an idea.”

“Yes.” I sure hope you do, because I have no idea what’s going on.

“I might have an idea. But tell me everything that has has happened so far.”

Logan tells her most of it, how we sometimes just feel what the other is feeling, and how it only started happening frequently after we both became werewolves. I tell her about the memories, not what happened, but basically what I said earlier. I experienced her memories, and even part of her present after getting a splitting headache that caused me to collapse.

The car is uncomfortably quiet, the silence deafening. Finally, I clear my throat and break it, since Tiffany doesn’t speak up.

“Do you know what’s going on?” Tiffany looks at me, and her eyes drop to the floor. She opens her mouth like she’s struggling to get something out, and normally I’d be annoyed and want to smack her, but she seems genuine. Like she really is worried about how we’re going to feel and think after she says it. That’s what scares me the most.

“Tiffany?” I ask quietly, peering at her. She closes her mouth and swallows, then starts talking.

“I mean, everything I know, everything any of us knows about it, is just rumors. Myths.” So, not only are we a myth to humans, being a werewolf and all, but we’re also a myth to werewolves? What are we, the outcasts of the outcasts?

“It’s really rare, for both identical twins to be a werewolf. Actually, identical twins are rare in general, so for not just one, but both to be a werewolf, is practically unheard of. But from what we all have heard about it, it may have happened before.” My fingers are tapping against my arms and my left leg is bouncing up and down. I feel the urge to hurry her up, but I restrain myself and listen.

“Apparently, it starts out with what’s happening to you. It starts with emotions, feelings. You can feel each other, connected in a way you weren’t before. Then your brains start to mingle. For you, you exchanged memories first. Well, one-sided memories for now, but you could get some of Julia's memories later, Logan,” Tiffany says, looking at Logan before going back to staring at the floor.

“You might start having the same dreams while sleeping, and, eventually, you could be able to communicate telepathically. You, uh, remember this is all just a myth, is may not be true, but you may start having the same thoughts. You could not only be connected feeling-wise and thought-wise, but it’s been said that you could combine your powers. You’re supposed to grow incredibly fast with each other, which means you’ll be stronger, faster than other werewolves would or could be, and if you can combine your’d be a force to be reckoned with.

“I’ve heard stories where the twins could use telekinesis. Move objects around with their minds. Together, they’d be practically unstoppable. And who knows if that's all they could do? Who knows what powers they could develop? See, this is all sounds pretty amazing, and you’re probably wondering why werewolves haven’t bitten twins in hopes of this before. Well, if it happens like it’s supposed to, you’ll be incredibly strong, mentally and physically, on your own. Together, you’d be like nothing anyone has ever seen before. If you had someone like that on your side, in your pack, than you’d never have any problems with other packs again, most likely. But there’s also the unpredictability of it.

“You could easily become alpha. Either one of you. Why would an alpha turn you and take that chance? The chance that you would kill them? Not only that, but there’s more. And that’s what scares them the most. What frightens everyone.” She stops and at this point, there’s so much tension in the air that I don’t dare to break it. She’s piqued my interest, and, like a little kid listening to stories, I’m on the edge of my seat waiting. So I don’t break the brief moment of silence. But Sarah does.

“Well, what is it? Quit pausing so much, you’re making me nervous.” I agree. Even though Sarah says it, she seems to be as worried as the rest of us, and she doesn’t take her eyes off Tiffany. I don’t think she could if she tried.

Tiffany clears her throat. “Sorry. You see, you become linked to each other, like I said earlier. can go too far. You have an unbreakable bond-actually, you seem to have that already, so strike that. But you’ll be connected to each other in so many more ways if what I say is true. Emotionally, mentally, your powers combine...after that there’s only one more way to be connected.”

I realize where she’s going and finish the thought for her.


She nods, and for the first time during her story she makes eye contact with me. 

“Everybody’s terrified of the two of you. You’re-you’re literally the myths we hear about it, and even though it may not be true, we all thought the same about werewolves, right? Nobody wants anything to do with twin werewolves, and nobody wants to be anywhere near them in fear of what could happen. And it could happen.”

I lean back in my seat, soaking in this new information. Is this the real reason why Marcus is so steadfast on killing Logan? He’s afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t? And if we do manage to get out of this, what will happen to us? We’ll combine….into one person. How does that work? Not only am I worried and scared for us...but everyone else is too. No other werewolves will ever take us in in their pack. We will be outcasts. Omegas. We already will be hunted by hunters, and now, other werewolves will be out for us, too, hoping to get rid of us before we-before we become this...monstrosity.

Everyone is silent until I voice my feelings aloud, petrified and shocked by this new piece of information. There’s so much going on with us right now, and now that Logan and I know what’s going on, we have no way to stop it anyway. No way to stop it that we know of.

“So we’re the abomination of abominations,” I say. Tiffany doesn’t turn to look at me but I still I hear her answer. “If that’s the way you want to put it, then yes. But it’s more like everyone’s afraid of you, so they want to get rid of you. Not necessarily because of hate.”

But for me it doesn’t matter what’s driving them, it’s all the same outcome. They want us dead. With so many out there-hunters, werewolves, they’re all the same-it’s bound to happen. And I can’t say I blame them.

The End

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