Chapter 16Mature

Chapter 16

The blood covers me all the way past my elbows, and there’s so much on my clothes that I can’t even recognize them anymore. I can feel myself starting to hyperventilate.

How–how did I even get here? And how has so much time passed since I went unconscious?

Then, I notice the bracelet around my wrist. I did put a bracelet on today, but it wasn’t on this wrist. It was on my right; now it’s on the left. Plus, it isn’t mine. This is Logan’s bracelet.

I set my hands back on the ground, and peer at the woman again, horrified. She’s so young. Probably in her early twenties. She’s never going to age past this. She will forever be remembered as this young girl killed in her prime. Long black hair is spread out over her chest and on the ground and . . . she looks strangely familiar. That nose . . where have I seen a nose like that? It’s quite skinny, and I haven’t seen many like it. Then it hits me. Tiffany. They have practically the same nose, which makes them look alike. Odd.

Various intestines and organs lay on the ground around her. Some of them are still in her, or on her. They’re everywhere. I want to look away, but horror and confusion keeps me locked in place. I start to go over the events that lead up to this moment, trying to figure out what’s happening.

I was looking for Elijah in the warehouse, and I had a headache, I recall. Kai and I eventually got the key and got into the room. Marcus was there. He said something . . and I got angry. I was about to yell and then . . . . and then what? Pain. I was in lots of pain. No, not pain: agony. In my head. I fell to the floor and . . nothing. So how did I get here, and with Logan’s bracelet?

The next time I blink, I’m no longer in the woods. I look around and see brick walls on either side of me. There’s a dumpster a few feet away from me. I’m in an alley. What . . . what’s happening? There’s another body. This one is a man. Maybe . . fifty years old? He’s torn apart just like the other woman was. I shift back some, spotting the back door to a restaurant next to the dumpster. I look down at my wrist and the bracelet is gone. My clothes are different too. They have blood splotted on them, but I recognize the yellow skinny jeans and black combat boots. They’re Logan’s. Is this . . am I in Logan’s body right there? What  . . . what if this is her memories? Am I in her memories right now?

Just as fast as the first two times I’m whirled away to a new place, and a new dead body. Another man. We’re in an abandoned neighborhood together. He’s more torn up around the neck and chest then stomach, unlike the other two. I have barely enough time to identify him as a middle-aged African American before I’m shifted to another place. Is this what happened to Logan? Did she wake up and find out she killed someone?

The last body I find is Aunt Isabelle’s.

I stumble up the steps of her porch, finding her just laying there next to some chairs. There’s blood everywhere. On her, on me, the chairs, the porch, everywhere. The tears come hard and fast upon seeing her, pain overriding the guilt. That’s someone I knew. We played games together, had meals together, she even bought me a dress for my first school dance. I was thirteen. That was the first time Lucas and I ever went . . . wait, no. No, that was Logan. I’m not Logan. Aunt Isabelle bought that dress for her; she went with Luke that day. Not me. Why–

The next time the scene changes, I’m still in Logan’s body, but I can’t control myself. Er, I can’t control her body, I mean. I’m running outside of the cabin with Diana chasing after me. I turn around and slash at her, hoping to scare her off before I run into the woods, alone. The gun weighs heavy in my hands as I pass by the trees. It’s not until I get deep into the woods that I see the blood on my hands and realize I did hit Diana after all. No, no, no. I killed her. I killed her. I killed my best friend.

I tumble into a clearing on my knees, holding the gun up to my head. C’mon, Logan, I tell myself, pull the trigger. Pull it. You’re being a coward. Don’t you know what you’ve done? You killed people. And now you’ve killed Diana too. What if Lucas is next? Or Mom or . . or Julia? I pull the trigger. And nothing happens.

Wha– I see that I didn’t have the gun loaded. Of course. I load it then put it back up to my head, but I lost what I needed to make myself pull the trigger. The realization of what I did settles in and I can’t do it. I almost died. I almost killed myself. Oh, god, god, god, it was almost over. Everything was almost over.

I try to convince myself to try it again, but it just isn’t the same now. I can’t do it. Though the voice screaming at me to do it is loud and powerful, there’s another that’s stronger. What about Julia?

My hand trembles, but I somehow manage to fight the urge to pull the trigger and set the gun down instead. My face is wet with tears and I throw the gun as far away from me as I can. My breathing gets heavier as it registers at what just happened, just how close I came to death. And how bad I wanted to do it. It took all I had not to. I’m positive that that was a mistake. I should’ve done it.

I get whirled away to a new place, landing back into the present. Just not my present.

“Buckle your seatbelt, okay?” I say to Milton. I watch to make sure he does it before turning back around. I dial Elijah’s one more time, hoping that someone will pick up this time so I can find out what’s going on, and more importantly, where Julia is. It rings five times before, once again, going to voicemail. I sigh and drop the phone, looking at the car radio for the time. 2:45. I set the phone in the seat next to me, check Milton one more time, then decide it’s time for me to leave. If I don’t, I’ll miss Tiffany at school. Maybe she’ll be able to help me figure out what’s going on with Elijah and Julia.

Why does my head hurt so bad? I think, just before opening my eyes to see Kai bending over me. I gasp and shoot up, smacking him in the head.

“Ahh,” I groan, grabbing my head as he does the same. What . . . what just happened? I . . I was in Logan’s body, wasn’t I? I experienced her memories. I felt what she felt, saw what she saw. And how did I see her in the present? If it was the present. As I take a look around the room, the events of what was happening before I collapsed comes flooding back and I realize I have bigger problems.

“Where’s Marcus?” Elijah comes into view as I ask, rope still wrapped around him. He no longer seems to be . . be in a trance, I guess you could say. I want to check on him and hug him and make sure he’s not hurt, but needing to find where Marcus is is more important right now.

Kai and Elijah look around, as confused as I am. Kai looks back at me. “He’s gone. What happened?” The pounding in my head begins to slow down, fading into a headache. That’s nothing compared to what I felt earlier, and I will gladly take it over that pain happening again. I run my head where it hit Kai’s once more.

“How long have I been out?” Kai squints at me so I look at Elijah, but he seems equally confused.

“Out? Kai asks. “I didn’t think you passed out. A few seconds at the most, I guess.” Only a few seconds? Out of everything that just happened, it was only a few seconds long? It felt like hours. My mind goes to the last thing I saw, with Logan and Milton in her jeep. The radio said it was 2:45.

“What time is it?” I ask aloud. Before anyone can answer, I remember I still have Elijah’s phone in my pocket and whip it out. 2:46. So, what I saw with Logan was the present. I don’t know how any of what I saw was possible at all, but it’s the part where I’m in her body during the present that freaks me out the most. I guess because seeing her memories is something that happened in the past, so it’s not that far from what used to happen to us as kids, but the present? That’s like both of being in a body at the same time; like us being one person. It’s terrifying.

After everything I witnessed, the main thing on my mind is Logan at the moment. I’m about to call her when it hits me that I need to take care of Elijah and myself before anything else right now. Elijah hasn’t said a word since I woke up, and yet I still haven't checked on him in my dazed state. I see him staring at me, deep lines in his forehead from worry although he’s only seventeen. He rests on his knees next to me, with his hands still tied behind his back. It brings me back to the present to see him like that, and relief rushes over me. I grab his neck, pulling him into me as I kiss him. I can feel the intensity, but it only lasts for a brief second since I quickly pull away. I’m sure Kai’s already uncomfortable without us kissing in front of him.

“I’m so sorry,” I say. “I’m so sorry, Elijah, I should’ve told you all about him the moment I saw you today, I put you in danger, I should’ve warned you, I–”

“Julia,” he cuts me off. “Stop. Something happened to you just now. Are you okay?”

I give a tight smile, because he’s worrying about me when he should be worrying about himself.  That worries me even more. He can’t always choose me above himself. If he does . . and with what I am now . . . he’s going to get hurt. Or worse.

“I’m fine,” I say. “I’ll explain what happened–I’ll explain it later. But are you okay?” He nods, looking sure of himself. I ‘m not sure I believe it though. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Julia, I’m fine,” he says, his voice sounded agitated. “I–”

“You know,” Kai interrupts, “it’s great and all seeing you young lovers reunited and all that crap, but I’d really rather us leave and get Milton. You can do this later, and preferably away from me so I don’t puke. Here.” He leans around Elijah to get to the rope around his ankles, running his claws across them. They fall to the ground and he moves them out of the way, tossing them across the room. Then, he helps Elijah to his feet and spins him around, slicing the rope from his wrists as well.

Elijah turns back around, rubbing his wrists. “Thanks.”Upon studying his actions, I notice how uncomfortable he looks. His eyes continue to glance around, and I’m pretty sure he wants to leave. He just doesn’t want to look like it in front of us.

“Why don’t we go?” I suggest. I push myself to my feet. “We can talk about this later.”


I sit in the back of Kai’s car with Elijah, though for the most part he seems to be focused on something else. He stares out the window. He only speaks on occasion, and he keeps clenching and unclenching his hands in some kind of daze. I wish I knew exactly what it is he’s thinking about, but after what just happened I think I have a pretty good idea. Marcus did say something about a flashback, which seems fully possible. The look on his face when I found him was just . . blank. God, he doesn’t deserve this. I can’t let this happen again. I won’t. No matter what.

When getting out of the warehouse, we just walked out the back door. Kai broke it open to get in, and I can’t help but wish I had thought of doing that instead of scaling the building.

“You did tell your sister we’re okay, didn’t you?” Kai asks. He looks at me through his rearview.

“Of course I did, you hypocrite,” I retort. Even though I understand now what was going through Kai’s head during all those months he was gone, a part of me still gets angry at him.I was with Elijah nearly every day and I know how hard it was for him to not know what was going on with Kai. Not know if he was okay or not. Kai never said anything to help relieve his worries. I get that he was going through some things, but it still upsets me.

We sit in a tense silence until we make it to my house. I ended up keeping the bike that I stole, as bad as that sounds. Whoever had it is probably long gone by now and I have no way of giving it back, so I just decided to take it home. If I knew whose it was, I’d give it back. But I don’t, so it’s mine now, apparently.

Logan hasn’t made it back yet when we get there, but she should be anytime now. We head into the living room, Kai and Elijah stopping to look at the crack on the wall on the way.

“Um, Julia, what’s up with the crack in your wall?” Elijah asks. “And the missing coffee table?”

“Uhh–” A creaking sound stops me and I turn to see the door opening. Logan, Milton, and Tiffany come in, and I feel relieved until I see who they brought with them: Parker and Sarah.

I look back at Logan, trying to ask her with my eyes why they’re here. Logan shrugs. “They wouldn’t let us leave until they talked to you. You might as well tell them what’s going on. Nothing’s stopping you.”

My mouth opens and closes like a fish a couple times before Sarah speaks up. “Is that blood on your shirt?” I glance down at my shirt, seeing the blood on the sleeves and some speckled around my neck.

“Oh . . yeah. Yeah, that’s blood. Um . .” Everyone has their eyes on me, expecting me to explain different things to each of them. I feel overwhelmed for a second, and I need a moment alone to think before everyone starts playing a game of twenty questions with me. “Let me–let me change my shirt. Then, we can all talk. I’ll . . I’ll explain everything in a second.”

No one objects so I take that as my cue to go, hurrying away into my room. I sit down on my bed for a moment, leaning on my knees and closing my eyes. I take a few deep breaths. I know that it’s going to continue to be like this at least until Monday, but things just keep happening nonstop and it’s kind of overwhelming. But I need to suck it up. This isn’t how to handle it, and I need to take charge because if I don’t, then no one else will. I have to go in there and tell everyone the truth, and I have to come up with a way to get Logan and I out of this situation. No more breakdowns, or crying, or anything else. It’s up to me.

I get up and change into a plain white t-shirt from my closet. I’ve known for a while that I would eventually have to tell Sarah and Parker, and I do want to, but I also dread it. They’re probably very confused about what’s going on with both Logan and me and it’s time for me to tell them. Actually, I think this is the first time they’ve seen me walking since I was little. I’m just more worried about how they’re going to react. Will it be the fact that I’m a werewolf or the fact that I killed someone that drives them away first? Because as much as I don’t want to, I’m telling them everything. They deserve to know.

I walk back into the living room with everyone else, somehow feeling nervous and calm at the same time. I can sense their eyes on me as I walk in. Tiffany, Sarah, and Parker sit on our couch, while Elijah and Logan are sitting in chairs they must’ve dragged in from the kitchen. Sarah and Parker continue to stare at my legs in awe, accidental or not. I hear a clicking sound and see Milton sitting on the floor criss-crossed, playing a game. I think it’s Logan’s old gameboy, so she must’ve gave it to him.

“Alright,” I say after dragging a chair, the same one Marcus was in when he came over, around to where everyone sits. Well, everyone but Kai. He chose to stand, and he leans against the wall across from me. “Um–”

“Okay, sorry,” Sarah interrupts, “but this is just so uncomfortable and Logan told us at the school that apparently you’re a werewolf, and she’s a werewolf, and I know you told us about that man in the alley, but it just sounds so crazy. And you healed after the car wreck so I guess that makes sense and now that I say that this is the first time I’ve seen you walking and it’s so amazing, but I feel like you’ve been avoiding me, but this is just all so crazy, are you sure you’re not messing with me? Are–”

Sarah,” I say, interrupting her ramblings. She does that pretty often, so we’ve all learned to just stop her after a certain point. “Stop. Talking. Take a breath.” She gulps and bobs her head up and down. I give her a moment to breathe before I start again.

“You good?” I ask. She nods. “Okay. Um, well, I guess I’ll just start from the beginning and go from there. Logan?” She looks at me. “Can–can I tell them? I won’t if you don’t want me to, or you can do it yourself.” We hold the gaze for what seems like a long time until she finally gives in.

“No.” She shakes her head. “You tell them.”

“Okay.” I start from the beginning at the cabin, and I make it all the way to what happened at the hospital with Marcus before getting interrupted.

“Wait, wait,” Sarah says. I close my mouth and look at her. “I’m not saying I don’t believe you, but . . I don’t believe you. I’m, like, fifty percent sure this is just a really elaborate prank and I’m about to be caught on camera acting like an idiot. I’m gonna need you to prove it.”

“Um . . . okay, I guess. I’ll try.” I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it, or that I should, but I’m going to try since that’s what she wants. I shut my eyes and tell myself to think about my heart rate and only my heart rate. I can’t let myself shift because of my emotions, or else I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself. Hell, I’m not sure I can control myself doing it this way, but I’m going to try. At least Logan, Tiffany, and Kai are here. They can stop me if something goes wrong.

I can feel it when I shift. It’s like a switch flipped, and instead of thinking it feels as if I rely more on my instincts. Although, if I force it I can think rationally too, so I think I’m good.

As soon as my eyes open, I know they’re glowing. Not because of my change in perception, but because of everyone’s reaction. I keep my eyes on Sarah and Parker though, waiting to see what they do. Please don’t freak out. Or run away. Actually, I take that back, maybe you should freak out; I am a werewolf after all.

As time draws out, I can see the fear written across my friends’ faces and I begin to fret over whether or not they’re scared of me. Or if they’re angry, or disgusted, or just straight up hate me, and–this was a mistake.

I look down at the floor and prepare myself for what I know is coming–they’re going to leave me. And maybe it’s for the best. With me around they’re always going to be in danger.

“That . . . is so cool!” Sarah exclaims. My head jerks up in shock. What?

“What?” I echo. I can feel my teeth poking out of my mouth and it slurs my words.

Sarah stares at me, smiling, excitement lighting up her eyes like a child’s. “That’s freaking amazing! I mean, it’s a little terrifying, but seriously, just look at your eyes! And your teeth, and ears, and–oh, those claws! That’s amazing!”

My mouth hangs open and I glance around the room at everyone. No one says anything and my vision goes back to normal after a moment. She–she’s okay with it? She’s okay with me?

Sarah must notice my expression as her smile begins to waver. “What’s wrong?”

I can feel tears welling up in my eyes and I bite them back, giving a strained smile. “No–nothing. I just really missed you.”

She dramatically flips her hair back and gives me a big, blinding smile, her teeth sparkling like diamonds underneath the light. “I know you did. I’m amazing.”

My smile widens across my face and I feel a brief moment of relief before realizing I’ve yet to see Parker’s reaction. He’s still staring at me with an unreadable expression and my elation dies down when I see him there next to Sarah. Oh no, no, no, please don’t, Parker. Parker, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. Don’t hate me.

“What–” I swallow. “What about you, Parker?” Everyone’s eyes are on Parker now, awaiting his response. Well, everyone except Kai. He’s still leaning against a wall, staring at me with a smirk on his face. He looks like he’s laughing at me on the inside and I kind of give him a look before going back to Parker. He almost looks . . frightened. He’s taking this a lot more seriously than Sarah is, which is probably a good thing. Maybe it’d be better if he didn’t accept me and left.

“I think . . . I think that you have some explaining to do,” he says after a moment. I can see that he’s struggling to contain his emotions, which is out of character for him. Sometimes it seems like he’s a robot because he never shows what he’s really feeling. “Why didn’t you tell us immediately?”

Oh thank god. At that, it feels like a weight is lifted off my chest. I can breathe again. It’s not a “I still love you, Julia,” but it’s miles better than being denied.

“Seriously, Julia, you should’ve told us,” Sarah chimes in. “What happened? And what happened at the cabin? And don’t leave out any details or I will smack you.”

I glance at Logan, but she offers no help. Guess I’m telling this story. “All right, um . . I guess I’ll just start from the beginning and tell you everything that’s happened.” I begin with what happened at the cabin, thinking about what I saw earlier at the warehouse. Logan didn’t just bring that gun; she pulled the trigger. She actually pulled the trigger. Not now, Julia.

I try not to leave out a single detail, at least until I get to the point on Elijah’s dad. I can’t tell them without his permission, and even if I could, I don’t know if I should. They may be able to accept me as a werewolf, but a murderer? That’s pushing 

I stop talking and drag my eyes over to where Elijah sits. “Um . . . Elijah?” I ask. I’m trying to send a message with my eyes, asking if I should tell them or not. Everyone turns and looks at Elijah, a confused look on their faces. I’m leaving it up to him.

He looks at everyone in turn, before landing back on me. He takes a deep breath, closing his eyes for a moment. “Go ahead.”

I clench my jaw for a moment, then dive back into the story before I can change my mind. I glance at Kai a few times, but his expression remains unclear and he never objects to me telling the story. I watch as Sarah and Parker’s expression changes when I tell the story, and I finish the rest staring at the ground. I can’t look them eye after that, and I keep telling myself not to think about what I did. Which is pretty much impossible because now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I made it this far into the day without thinking about–about Marshall, but it seems I’ve hit a wall. I finish telling Sarah and Parker, along with everyone else, about what happened at the festival and what happened with Logan’s memories. I don’t tell the details of it, but Logan confirmed what I saw at the end was true, which I had already come to assume so.

“Soo . . you guys have all these, like, powers and stuff?” asks Sarah. She brushes the black hair out of her face.

“Pretty much,” I say. I bring my eyes up to meet hers, and see that she looks like she’s studying me. But . . she doesn’t seem to be angry or scared or anything. Just intrigued. She swallows and looks around a moment before she speaks, like she’s nervous.

“I . . um, I have to something to tell you. Something weird happened to me too.” I wait for her to finish, but she gets up and walks over to me instead. She leans forward as if she’s going to whisper in my ear. Which is completely pointless since several of us can hear her anyway, as she should know from what I told her, but I lean closer to her anyway. She cups her hand and I can feel the warmth from her breath hitting my ear.

“I see dead people,” she whispers.

“Shut up,” I say, pushing on her shoulder. I lean back and sigh as she laughs and goes back to her seat on the couch. I can’t believe her right now. I’m seriously considering if she might be crazy or not, because no one would typically joke like that after what I said. Either way, it’s refreshing to have her around, joking even after I said that I am, quite literally, a murdering werewolf.

“But, seriously . .” she starts, though I tune out everything she says after that when I glance behind her into the kitchen. I stiffen in my chair, my eyes widening when I see the figure standing in the kitchen. He’s just staring at me. Marshall.

I thought he was dead, I thought he was dead, I thought I killed him. Oh god, I thought I–

Then, I notice the blood covered all over his body, even though there’s no reason for him to be bloody. I snapped his neck, not cut him open. I’m imagining this, I realize. I can’t bring myself to look away, and I watch as his mouth opens, his lips moving as he tries to form words. No sound comes out, but I read his lips and understand what it is he’s trying to tell me. You did this, he’s saying.

Blood gushes from his mouth and runs down his neck, his clothes, all the way to the ground while I sit frozen in shock. My eyes stay locked on his silhouette though my mind is in a different place: Elijah’s kitchen. I see the events unfolding in front of me once again, but, even now, I don’t exactly feel bad for it. Instead, I feel guilty for not feeling guilty. I should feel bad. Why don’t I feel bad? What’s wrong with me?

A cold hand touches my arm, causing me to flinch. I blink a few times and find Logan bent over me, peering into my eyes. I glance around her into the kitchen, but Marshall is gone. I realize I’ve been holding my breath and I let it out, feeling relieved for it being over yet vulnerable at the same time for wigging out in front of everyone. It feels like Logan’s eyes are piercing into my skin, into my brain, like she knows what I’m thinking.

“Did you see something?” she asks, as if she doesn't already know. My head slowly bobs up and down in reply. “Are you going to tell us what it is?” I manage to shake my head back and forth in response.

I expect her to pry and ask me a billion more questions, but, surprisingly enough, she backs off. She pulls her hand away and sits back down where she was before. It was just your imagination, Jules. Relax now. I turn back to everyone, who are all now staring at me with worried looks on their faces, though they must pick up on Logan's cue because none of them ask any questions. I tell myself to act normal and just start back where we left off.

“Anyway,” I say, looking at Parker and Sarah, “I understand it if you both want to leave. I–I murdered someone and  . . and I’m a danger to you both, so I get it if you don’t want to stay with me. With us. I’m a terrible person and you don’t have to sit there and pretend that I’m not.”

Both Sarah and Parker give me blank looks, like they’re just now seeing me for the first time. Good. Maybe they’ll leave now, and I won’t be able to hurt them. But the thing is . . I really want them to stay. I really, really want them to stay. I don’t want them to give up on me.

“I–” Sarah opens her mouth to speak, before getting interrupted by Parker. He takes me by surprise, since he’s been practically silent the entire time and has let Sarah do the talking.

“You can’t be serious,” he says. I don’t respond and my eyes glance down to the floor. I feel like I can’t bear to meet their eyes anymore. “Julia, I’ve known you almost our entire lives, and you are not, under any circumstances, a murderer. Or even a terrible person. What you just told us changes absolutely nothing. Well,” he says, his eyes glancing up the ceiling, “it does change some things, but that just means we’ll adjust to them. If anything, Jules, you’re one of the best people I know. If I had to pick anyone in the entire world to represent the human race for whatever reason, it’d be you. You represent the best of us, and don’t ever forget that. I don’t give two hoots if you’re a werewolf, a human, or a goddamn unicorn, you’re still my best friend.”

My eyes shoot up to him. Never, during all the years that I’ve known him, have I ever heard him talk like this. To anybody. I know that it must’ve taken a lot for him to get that out, especially with everyone here staring at him. I don’t know which of us is more shocked: Kai, Parker, or myself. Not sure why Kai seems so shocked, but I can tell that he is by the look on his face. Guess he didn't expect that out of my friends or something. 

Sarah has her head turned toward Parker, and I think it’s safe to assume she’s surprised too. I still have my mouth gaping open in shock when she turns to me and chimes in.

“Yeah, Julia, I agree with Parker on this one. Actually, I think I respect you now more than I did before. You protected someone you loved at all costs, even if it meant losing something important, something you’ll never get back. You have no reason to hate yourself, Jules.”

A small smile creeps up my face. I don’t think either of them know just how desperately I needed to hear that right now. I feel water trickling down my face and I quickly wipe away the tears. “Jesus Christ, guys, you weren’t supposed to make me cry.” I look at them both in turn, holding the stare as long as I allow myself to. “Thank you.”

Sarah takes off her glasses and rubs the lenses, along with her eyes. She’s crying and trying to hide it, but no one calls her out on it. She’s become very focused on her glasses all of a sudden.

“Yeah, just don’t go getting a big head now,” she says. “You’re no fun when you’re cocky.” I smile, a warm feeling flooding over me as I realize I still have all three of my best friends. They accept me. They’re not going to abandon me during my time of need.

I can ask them for help. If that's true, then this could actually work our great in our favor, besides just the pleasure of still having my best friends in my life. Just--just wait a second. I can truly ask them for help. The thought gives me the start of an idea. A plan. I'll have to ask for Sarah's help, along with one other's person, but . . I think I can make it work now. We can make sure that no one gets hurt on Sunday if my plans go haywire. More importantly, we can make sure Logan doesn’t get killed. I had a similar thought before this little intervention of theirs, but I pushed it out of my head since I wasn't sure who to ask. Plus, I’ll only use it as a backup plan. I want them involved as little as possible, so I'm not going to tell anyone about what I'm thinking about doing before Sunday. I want their help waiting for us just in case it goes wrong, but I think I now know what I have to do with Marcus. And I believe what I did to Marshall proves that I will be able to handle it after all, though before his death the thought would've never entered my head in any kind of serious manner. There's only one sure way for me to make sure Marcus doesn't come after us and kill Logan, especially after seeing the anger he holds toward her. 

I have to kill him.


The End

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