Chapter 3: Set Sail For a War!

Now, after a year of training on his own. Koi developed his little move set with his training sword. His powers are still within him, yet he hasn't been able to use them yet. It seems something is preventing from him from channeling his inner strength. He doesn't worry too much about his power for right now. He has learned a few more tactics and how to be a leader. He spends a good three years in the Samurai Force. He was is about to sail off in to new "world" to prove himself a worthy warrior

 A big ceremony is taking place at the East end of the village. It was dawn. Seems everyone has gathered around to see him get send off. Tetsuya, his mother, the old lady was there and even his father as there to congratulate. Koi was standing near the shore where nearby floating raft was tied to wooden post. (That was his transportation off the island.) His cursed blade is strapped to his side. He stands under a big banner which was hangs that read,"Good luck, Koi!" His father, Renimu comes up and puts his hand on his son's shoulders and speaks proudly to him, "Well son, this is it. You get to go out and have your own adventure. I wish you brother was here to see this...I'm proud you, Koigokoro. Prove you can be a leader. Me and your mother believe in you." Koi replies, "Speaking of which. Where is she?" His voice was a bit deep but at the same time just as high-pitched as before. He wonders where his mother is as Suko can be seen carrying rather large scrolls while running up to Koi. She's catching her breath. "Here...take these, it's dangerous to alone...Be careful, alright Koi?" She says while panting, handing the large scrolls to Koi. Renimu wraps his arms around Suko and Koi. "He'll be fine! He's got Iezuma blood!" Koi held onto the scrolls, "They weren't that heavy as they looked," Koi thought to himself. Tetsuya, his parents, and elders were celebrating with liquor and fireworks. everyone was enjoying himself. Koi was mentally preparing himself for whatever is to come his way.

After a few hours go by. Now, its time for Koi's ascension to find his means to become a true warrior and get rid of his curse. He'll come back when he has done it all and back. "Ok, everyone. I'm going to go off on my own and come back a true warrior. I'll come back, I promise." He sets foot on the raft and unties it from the post. He uses a small paddle to make distance away from the island. He waves back at the people who were also waving. Koi is about to make his adventure what lies beyond his fate will be revealed in due time. For now, lets just wait and see.

After a few moments of paddling, all he could see was wide open ocean. He looked at his compass to make sure he was going the right way. "Alright, I'm heading North. I better read these scrolls. Mom said they were important," Koi says as he steer the raft in the right direction. He sits down as he takes a look at the scroll he received as he drifts North. "Scroll number 1: Excellent Cooking. Please memorize the following 106 recipes." Koi got an excited look on his face. "Yes, this is awesome! I get cook my own food!" He continued reading until he got to the very end. He then opens up another scroll. "Scroll number 2: Incredible Fighting Techniques. Usually the best thing is try to talk out of a fight. But, if it isn't going to work then here are some fighting skills you should learn if you want to win." Koi was even more pleased. "Sweet, my own move list! I love it!" After he finishes the scroll, he goes to read the other scroll. "Scroll 3: Tips of Survival. Well, this is obvious. I know how to do all this. I'm so good at this. I show get a show called uh, 'Koi vs. Wild!' Yeah, that sounds good" After he finishes reading the third scroll, he reaches for the last one he has. He opens it up. "Scroll 4: Attracting Your Mate. Once you have become a grand warrior, you're going to need an heir to the throne. To properly attract your mate you must your charm and win his/her heart by-Ack!" Koi fell forward, dropping his scroll in the water. He reaches to find it but only feels sand. "Sand? Oh hey, I made it!"

 Koi has finally reaches his destination and he picks up the scroll which was just floating by the shore. All of scrolls content was wet and falling apart. He couldn't make out what the scroll's text said. He tosses it away. Seeing it wouldn't be all that important. Koi takes his first onto firm soil, the wind blew majestically. It felt wonderful, but yet something else kind of felt off as he gazed at big forest that stood before him. He wanders off into it, hoping he could find a suitable area to set up his first camp.

 After a few moments, it seems he finds a pretty good spot, but his cat ears twitch as he seems to detect something in the forest he's in. He shakes the feeling and precedes with going to gather supplies. His cat ears twitch again, detecting a strange commotion. He shakes his head, not seeing anything near him. "I'm sure its just the wind..." Koi says to himself, unsure of what his ears detect. He heads a bit deeper into the forest since he cannot find the right kind of materials to make the proper resting place for a camp fire and later meals. He makes his way to a rather full grown bush full of berries for him to pick. "Jackpot!," Koi exclaims as he is about to reach for the berries. His hand is about to grab some but then his ears detect something happening right in front of him.

 Like a flash of lightning, Koi can see two entities moving and battling each other at a blazing speed. It was something out of a manga he read. The two entities took a few strikes at each other. Then, they both settled on different trunks of trees as if staring back at one another. Koi could make out what the embodiments were; It was two men. "Are those ninja? What the heck are they doing here?," Koi thought to himself as he notices their outfits. One of them seems to be wearing stealthy all-black with a mask while the other seem to wear a sporty yukata which had small "skirt' and armor was tightly wrapped around the man's torso to have as protection. "These have got to be ninja or something along those lines." A few moments pass as the two begin battle each other once again, sending strike after strike. Koi was amazed with what he was witnessing. Soon, the stealthy "ninja" tosses a smoke and the other "ninja" is left open for any attack. Koi notices the stealthy guy about to finish off his opponent. Koi blows his cover by jumping and shouting out, "Behind you, Skirt-guy!"

 The face on the yukata fighter turns around in anger and counters his opponent. the smoke thickens as struggle is heard. Koi can barely see a thing, wondering if that was the right thing to do. After the smoke clears, the stealthy ninja was on the ground, defeated. The "ninja" in the yukata had knocked him out. The armored man, then quick vanishes and reappears right behind Koi. He angrily speaks to Koi, in an aggressive tone, "What'd you call me!? 'Skirt-guy'!?" He was pissed. Koi looks back at the so-called Skirt guy. He pleads, "Sorry about that that...but, I did help you, though. He nearly had you." The other fellow calmed down and turned red from embarrassment. "I thank you for that...I didn't even notice you. You'd make an excellent recruit," he thinks for a little and continues, "I might get in deep trouble for this. But, come with me. I want you to meet our leader...You look like you have potential. With that stealth and that blade, You'd fit in perfectly." Koi replies with a smile as his cat ears twitch, "Yeah, purr-fectly!"

 It seems Koi has made a friend who appears to part of a clan of some kind. Who could this leader possibly be? Why were those ninja fighting? Is Koi about to discover something he shouldn't have stepped up too? We'll just have to wait and see!

The End

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