Chapter 2: More Than Just an Ancient Blade

Our young foolish boy of a hero has found an interesting blade. This blade has given Koi such a mysterious and powerful ability. He now can do what he wanted to. His skills to be a noble samurai fighter are increasing increment by increment. Many deep secrets are hidden beneath this blade. Will Koi be able to continue on with what he discovers? Only time can reveal what will truly occur.

We make way in the city of Osaka, there seems to an attack on the streets. The things that are attacking are not human. What could these things be? They appear to be something unlike anyone has seen. These "beasts" have the anatomy of humans but appear much larger than regular beings. They each had an individual skin color, all the shades of color were various. Like each were its own kind. There were horns attached to the their head, and some even carried blunt weapons. People scatter from the destruction these "beasts" were causing. A few more moments later, a voice can be hear telling everyone to avoid the area. The voice was a bit high pitch, but was yet confident at the same time. The voice came from a familiar looking older boy, who appeared to be in his teens. The teen seems to be a wearing a school uniform. The teen wears a plain white dress shirt with the school's symbol right above the shirt pocket, black denim pants which has a sheathed sword wrapped around his waist to his left side, and seems to be sporting red and white sneakers. The confirmation that this could be Koi is that this teen happens to have blue hair and fuzzy white cat ears on his head. The teen gives a big smile as he places his hand onto the hilt of the blade and starts unsheathing it.

"Seems there's more of ya. Alright, I was getting a little bored anyway. Time for some fun!" The teen held the blade out, a bright aura began to surge all around his body. Physical energy can be see gathering like illuminating water flowing from the ground right into him. His eyes begin to glow as well as his blade. He brings his arms to his back horizontally, the blade full of power, growing stronger as he holds in the chamber. "Ultra slash wave!" The teen exclaims as he swings his blade toward, the blade blasts a very wide exerting wave of energy which looked like a bright crescent heading right toward the "beasts." As the large projectile passes through each monster, their bodies just evaporate like water on an extremely hot surface. The attack has successfully eradicated all of the monsters and their weapons.

People who were told to evacuate start to come out and cheer for teen. A large crowd congratulate Koi on his triumph. "Hey, I thought I told you to leave the area. But, I guess a little reward doesn't hurt!" The teen smiles as he signs autographs and gets picture taken of him. The crowd is very grateful to Koi as the people start giving him gift baskets. "Uh...thanks everyone! But, you shouldn't really. I mean this is the usual stuff that I do." Just as he finished his statement, a person out from the crowd grabs him. The person was a lovely looking shrine maiden with long dark purple hair. Her bust was rather large and seemed excited to see him. "Koi! You looked so good out there. You're my hero! I don't want you to be in harm's way!," the busty priestess says. "Misoki-chan, I didn't know you were here!,"Koi says as a bit of blush appears on his face. Who was this mysterious woman? How does she know Koi? Why is she so busty? Why is she attracted to him? "I'm always here, watching you do your awesome fights." The woman states. She smiles as she gives him a peck on the cheek. "That's your reward from me," the priestess added. Koi's face turned red as she kissed him. Koi says, "Anything else?" The maiden replied by placing his head right in between her large breasts and hugs him tightly. "Yes, Koi you are so cool! I'll be here with you for a long time. And you'll be the very best like no one ever was!" Koi was getting suffocated from a large chest. But, it doesn't matter. He felt ever so happy to be with this mysterious Misoki. Whoever this was, Koi has grown very fond of her. All of this great new life he had is full of promise. It felt like it was just a dream. Just a dream. Just a dream.

Seems all is not as expected as Koi wakes up from his wonderfully vivid dream. Koi is still his young age and has not fully understood what this new mysterious blade can do.
 The sun begins to make the forest Koi is in glimmer. He awakens and the cat ears begin twitching. Believing some people might notice him anywhere in the village. Koi grabs the sword as he gets up and he makes his back way to the village. Koi can see a bit of people in the middle of the village. He runs to go check it out. He can also hears a bit of commotion coming from all of the villagers. "Yeah, it was a bright light. Like an explosion." "Something really strange happened out there." "What could this mean?" "There could be one possible answer. Aliens." Koi appears in front of the group of people. The crowd eyeball Koi like he's an extraterrestrial. A male villager inspects Koi's head, "what in the world happened to you?" Koi closes tilts his head as he closes his eyes His mind is blank with confusion and a red visible question mark can be seen then it quickly fades away, "Eh?" More people inspect the look of Koi and eye his new blade. "Where'd you find this sword? Did you steal this?," a random villager asks. "N-No. I-I was out looking for a cat and I found this sword and....and..." Koi tried his best to defend himself in the problem he was in. He felt guilty because he knew he caused distress in the village when he opened the blade Now, mostly everyone is wanting an answer for what happened. "Well, kid! C'mon! Gives us your answer or I'll get you father to discipline you!," villagers demanded so much from Koi. He shook his as he tried to find the right words to explain exactly what happened, "I...I..."

From out of the crowd, a distinct and rather old sounding voice is heard, "That's enough!" The crowd stopped the bombardment of questions and look who said those words. A small old man, who's height was probably a little less than Koi's. The old man who appear to be a war veteran walked up to the boy, grabbing his blade and he takes a close look at it. Then his face lights up, appalled. "This is an ancient sword back from the war. Its looks so clean and polished. Where did you find this?" The old man's expression looked grim as he stares at the boy. Koi exclaims, "just give me a moment and I'll explain everything!" Koi told how he was off to search for the stray cat an old lady truly loved and how he just found the blade glimmering and thought it may be important someone. He said the blade just light up and he fell unconscious. He doesn't tell his awesome dream, its a secret to everybody. The old man mutters, "could it be that this blade...has cursed you? I've only heard this in legend, but to think this has actually happened is...unbelievable" Koi's natural reaction is he freaks out, "C-C-Cursed!? No way! I'm too young! And why me!? The old man continues, "Legends say certain blades choose who they can used by or previous owner's spirit has been imbedded in the blade instead of crossing the other side. Some say its by fate or skill." Koi interrupts, "Do you know how to get this curse off of me?" The elder replies, "From what I can must defeat as many opponents as whoever previously owned it....or you'll be cursed to look like this and probably laughed at your whole life forever." Koi doesn't know what to think of his objective, he's discouraged about his new dangerous and almost impossible. He old man continues speaking. "Don't worry, once you're old enough, you join the force and complete your objective through tournaments and competitions. This blade's yours now. You're now an official samurai!" Koi feels uplifted but he regrets not telling he has no skill with a blade. He stays silent.

Then, a head instructor from the Samurai Force shows up to ruin the party. He had a specific seal on his hakama to show he was an instructor. He looked in his twenties who had spiked short brown hair. He had green eyes. "Not so fast, elder. You may have done great things in the war but you have no right to decree anyone a warrior or not. I make that call" The elder exits from the sight of the instructor, cussing at him as he leaves. "Jeez, that old man sure had a vocabulary," Koi jokes at the situation. The instructor didn't laugh, he stared at the Koi. Seeing how well he would fit in on the training grounds. "Laugh it up, kid. I heard about your cursed situation. You gotta get this settled. I suggest you put this real sword away and I'll get you a practice sword. So you can get some training in early." The young boy couldn't believe his ears, it sounded so perfect. He asked just one little thing, "why?" The instructor replies, "because we don't know what'll happen if you hold onto that sword longer. You might turn into a nine tailed fox or something. We'll have to send you out of the island to get this curse business taken care of. Its something you wanted right? To explore the world?" Koi feels like he's living another dream, he smacks himself to make sure. He wasn't but everyone was looking at him strangely. The instructor introduces himself, "I'm Tetsuya Jiro, I hope I get to teach you the way of the samurai." He hands the boy a wooden practice to train with until his was the proper age which is ten years old. Tetsuya tells Koi to go inform his parents of what is to be done. Koi happily ran off back to his home to inform his mom or dad. Seems like his dream is about come true.

The End

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