Chapter 1: The Journey Begins

This is story about a young boy who matures his mind and body to use the new profound abilities he discovered to protect everyone in the world. He'll start off being just a regular kid who loves helping out and no skills with a blade. His name is Koigokoro Iezuma. He comes from a village, Zenpaku. A small island East of Osaka. The village is ancient with the living space, agriculture, and distributors. but it is advanced with new technologies like dishwashers and refrigerators.

 The year is 2003, a young boy with spiked black hair is seen doing some chores. He carries a basket full of oranges. Along side him is an older man, smiling as he sees the boy helping him. The older man brings two baskets of fruit with him. The two of them come to a fruit stand; where the baskets are placed in a neat and organized order. The older man gives thanks to the boy and waves at him good bye as he goes off to help some other villager with another problem. "I guess no one needs anymore help. At least for now," the boy says to himself as he runs along. He then notices the Samurai Training Grounds. A few young students are seen training, doing their afternoon session.

  This open field was fenced and has many training dummies within, this was the training grounds. The samurai training grounds is the place where certain boys and girls are taught in the Samurai Way of offense and defense. The skills are past down from generation to generation. The young boy watches, sparkles in his eyes as he imagines himself being a student. "I'm gonna be the best student out there! Just two more years!" the boy exclaims as he continues watching. As he gazes blankly at the practicing students, a kind old lady comes up to the boy. "Excuse me, young man," the old lady pleads, "Could you help me find a precious cat for me? This cat is very special. Hmm...You remind me of it alot. The same charm." "Well, of course. I'd love to help you find this cat. It is yours?" The boy asks.
"It was a lovely white stray. I took care of it. Trying to find it a good home, but these old bones aren't helping me move any faster," The elder replied, looking sad as she gave a frown. "Hey, just because you're old and slow doesn't make you less of a person. Its life. I'm waiting 'til I grow old. I wanna be the very best fighter here on the island. I just have to wait two more years until I can make request to join the Samurai Force." The boy exclaims. "You want to protect the village, don't you?" The older lady asks, her frown goes away. The boy looks up right into the sky, mouth wide with stars in his eyes, "Of course! I, Koigokoro Iezuma will be known all over and everyone's will see the Samurai Fighting style is the best over all! Now, I'm going to find that cat you!" The boy takes off like a speeding bullet shoot out. He yells back to the Old lady, she waves back, "I'll tell my mother when I find that cat, she'll come and tell you. She pretty much knows everyone on the island!" The lady smiled and giggled as he ran off, "I feel something great is going to happen to that boy. Now, I must rest." The old woman walked off, still curious about where the cat could be.

 Koigokoro ran up to normal sized house, fit for a three people but only two lived in there. Koigokoro and his mother, Suko. Koigokoro's father is the leader of the village and teaches at the Samurai Force. He rarely sees his father. He knows his dad has done great things. He fought in a big war amongst Ninja and Samurai. And when he gets the chance, his dad teaches Koigokoro a few samurai special maneuvers. With his mind set on finding this precious cat, Koigokoro almost breaks through the sliding front door, he quickly slides it open and calls out for his mom. "Mother! Are you here? Oh darn, of course you are. The lights are on."  He almost hits himself for being stupid. "Stop hitting yourself over each silly mistake." A voice was heard do the main hall, it was womanly. "Eh...Sorry, mother." Suko is pretty enthusiastic about things and loves seeing her son helping around the village, like she did when she was young. She has her basic duties like cleaning, watching over her son, and giving a lesson the best she can. She always wears a pink kimono with a little bit orange. It goes well with her slim figure. She like being thin but enjoy filling her son with heavy foods and meats to make him strong. Her brown hair was short. She never really did like long hair. Koigokoro, looking at where she was walking from, his mother walked up her son, "Is there anything you wanna ask me? You're usually out helping some residents around. Oh, you are such good boy!" Suko almost teared up at how much Koi is such a helping hand. Koi tries to calm her down and he genuinely states, "Yes, I'm going out to help an old lady find her stray cat. She said something about me having its charm or something. Well, anyway I don't know when I'll be back. So, just keep dinner out, I'll come back a just a little late, okay?" Suko nodded and replied, "Alright, just be careful. You seem to find such interesting things when you're out." Koi gave a small wave to his mother as he left his home to search for the stray cat. "Alright! I'm gonna search for that cat!"

 Koi checked the harvest fields, the main path for treasurers and hunters selling what have to offer, and the big training field for the Samurai Force. He still hasn't found the white cat that the old lady found precious to her. It was midday when he started, now it was sundown. Koi felt unsatisfied. He didn't find anything. He didn't wanna leave empty handed. "Oh no, well maybe if I keep looking, I'll find something else someone in the village is looking for. It wouldn't be harmful to look." Koi went out from the village, which was surrounded by thick forest. He wandered aimless-like to this cat or anything else that was lost in the village that someone needed. Moments pass as all he could see was forest and a bit wild life. His white hakama was stained with sweat as he kept searching. "Ugh, I haven't found a thing. Maybe I should go back home and forg-wait...Whats that?" Just a Koi was about to turn back. He sees something reflect the setting sun, it was something sticking out of the ground. Koi rushes fast toward the object to see what it could be. He barely burns any energy sprinting his way over. He carefully inspects the object. "It appears to be a sheathed sword for a samurai fighter. But why is it all the way out here in the forest?" He looks at the details and checks how long it has been here. "Maybe someone's name might be engraved on the blade. That'll help me find out whose this is." Koi places his hand on the hilt and the other on the sheath. He forcefully tries to takes the blade out, but it doesn't separate. He tries to do it again, it doesn't happen. Koi does it for the third time. "Err...Why won't you open! I just want help to people and protect everyone when I get older! That's all I want to do. Fight and protect! What's the deal!?"

Then, the blade and the sheath separate in his hands, the blade itself gives off a blasting aura of a strange power he has never seen before. The aura was bright blue mixed with white smoke. It grew massive the more he looked at it. The blade's aura expands, trapping Koi into it! The blade bonds with his spiritual energy or "will to fight." Koi now possesses great new abilities, but he is too young do all the great things he can do for right now. All the blade's power that was stored within, now its in Koi's body. His mind full of striking maneuvers and well-timed attacks. This is the good news, the bad news is Koi now possesses blue hair and white fuzzy cat ears on his head. He feels exhausted from what has happened. He passes out on a nearby tree until the next day. 

The End

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