School Starts today! I think...

Chapter 3
It was the first day of school. Mum had said that Aaron was going to my school now. I hoped my best friend Misty would get along with him.. I got there and sighed. The usual egg bombing of my locker was going on. Aaron looked at the school bully Dan Black and his eggy gang with a serious look. Misty rolled her eyes. She had the most brilliant blonde hair and sapphire eyes. Dan spotted me and pointed singing: ‘Amber is back, the puny brat, had her jumper flushed down, because she is a right clown!' The reason they bullied me was simple. I had a big family. I wondered what they would think of Aaron. Suddenly he spotted Aaron. "Oooo got a boyfriend ‘ave we Ansley?" He teased. His co-hort Samson Delliri sniggered. "'E ‘as blue ‘air Dan!" Aaron had enough. He spoke for the first time. "Alright you. I'll have you know it's a medical condition. One that makes me able to batter you." Dan laughed. "Heh heh heh! As if brat. Looking for trouble are ya?" I suddenly realised Aaron was older than Dan. 13 to 14. Aaron sighed. "I won't fight here. Actully, yeah here not ere, you numbskulls." Dan flew himself at Aaron. Aaron dodged easily like he had with Ethan. I showed him his new locker, which luckily, was right by mine and Mistys. He started unpacking posters of deer, his mum and dad, his sister and his home town. He placed a book on deer and a map and compass and his school books in there two. I wiped the eggs off my locker and opened it. Inside was a photo of all my family. A photo of all the horses, and one of my jet black horse Ash. I put a photo of Misty and Aaron I'd managed to take. I also put in my notebook, pencils, paper, pen and phone. Then off course my schoolbooks. Mistys locker was the best. She loved swimming, so it was coloured a aqua blue. Her swim suit, goggles and cap were also there. Plus posters of seals, fish, dolphins and famous swimmers. And the photo of her, her mum and dad, and baby brother Zack. We grabbed our biogligy books and headed to class. Our Bioligy teacher Mrs.Toadworthy was fiddling with some books. She had a skinny neck, always tight blue and white polka dotted dress, glasses, and brunnete hair. She grabbed Aaron to the front of the class. His seat was next to mine. Phew! Mrs.Toad (I'll leave out the long bit!) coughed attention. "Tis is tha new boy Aaron. Tell us bout yure self ye?" Aaron nodded. "I am Aaron Mackrel from Safari Town. I have a pet deer. My brother is called Kris and is engadged. I have a sister called Reena who had moved. My mum is dead and my dad..drinks. I suffer from a type of disease known as ‘Adamant56'. Its why I have Blue Hair. It usualy is red, and will probaly changed back at on point. It makes me weak and is sometimes fatal. I now live with Amber. I am 14 years old and my birthday is the 15 October." He stepped back and Mrs.Toad smiled. "Poor dear! I az no ideas you suffer from te cancer!" Aaron blushed and sat down. "Days lesson is about tha common fwog. I want ya all to bwe back with a fully illistruated, tagged picture tommorows. I also want a page fwilled with te information." What a boring day. We said goodbye to Misty and headed home. We had dinner, pizza, and mum asked how school was. Then we headed to bed. I stroked Susan and put my pyjamas on. A new note was on the table.
Dear Amber Ansley,
We have recived imformation that Kris Mackrel was arrested at your house. The police have confirmed that Aaron Mackrel is there. They have stopped the 40 year sentence. But we say different! That boy is a menace. We shall be coming to get him at 5.00pm Friday 17th May. Gooday.
Jasper T. Dillans.
I gasped, ran out to mum and handed her the note. She read it. We called a meeting for all the kids. "I want four of you to go with Amber and Aaron to grandpa's house." She spoke with a worried tone. Grandpas house was in the forest, closer to school. He was obsessed with birds. May put her hand up. Mum nodded. Brendan put his hand up. Nod. Dianna. Nod. Finaly Red put his hand up. Mum nodded. "Pack now, be strong, be brave. Grandpas coming in an hour." So we all packed. I put Susan into a carrier. I was not leaving her behind. It turned out Grandpa was coming in a hour and a half. So when he got there it was 5 to 12. He was explained what was going on. He nodded and set down the road. Aaron seemed to be angry at himself. Grandpa gathered out horses as well. We all rode ours. Granpa had a most magnifecent Stallion named Jazz. He let Aaron ride it. My horse was Ash, who was a jet black stallion. I puffed, why did life had to be like this?

The End

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