The Scream

I awoke early the next morning. The old worn down clock read: 7.00. I got dressed. Then I heard the wierdest sound to hear in the morning. Screaming. I opened the door. To my horror, everyone was looking at Aarons room. I opened his door. He had the most scornful look on his face. I gasped. His hair had gone dark blue! His usualy steel-blue eyes had gone sapphire, but I could tell it was him. His hair was in its usual scruffy state. Ethan burst in. "I told you! This boy is a demon!" He screamed. Aaron looked from him too me as everyone else came in. Brendan was sitting next to Aaron with a look of horror on his face. "I-I saw it happen.." Aaron got up. "I-I shouldn't have stayed. I-Im sorry I'll leave. "Kris'll kill you!" My mum looked at me. I explained it too everyone. They all gasped. Aaron collapsed on the floor. I screamed louder than I ever had before. My dad picked him up. Aaron reached out a hand to the door. It was weak and fragile. We phoned the ambulence. The first doctor said he couldn't help, then the next called a very weird man. He had white hair and red glasses. He touched Aarons hand and his eyes lit up. "T-this disease! Surely...he can't be!" The doctor scrambled away. "Aaron has a disease know as the Adamant56... a type of disease that often ends...fatal. Its not passable..but only the kin of Seaseink Mackrel could..." He put a hand on my shoulder. "I think he's left us.." I screamed. I pointed to Ethan who seemed shocked. "He bullied him!" I broke into tears only to feel a weak hand touch me. I looked up. Aaron was weakly smiling. "Theres a cure..almost impossible to get however...the Adamat Jewel. Found in the deepest part of the Safari Town Ruins." Sighed the doctor. Dad stepped up. "Me and Brendan will go get it." Without a answer he set off. Ethan came up to me. "Demon." He chanted. I hit him. He had a bleeding nose and Mum told him to get a tissue. She didn't scold me, this wasn't the time. If Dad and Brendan failed..Aaron was looking at May and moving his eyes from her to me. May rushed into the kitchen. I gasped. "Aaron, you know sign languege?" Aaron nodded and coughed. May came back with a wet flanel. There was a knock at the door. I opened it to see Kris standing there. Looking at Aaron. He pushed me out of the way and headed for Aaron. My family reconighsed him from my description. Mum sent the youngest into the kitchen and grabbed the phone. Before he could get near Aaron, I bit him on the arm. Kris pushed me again. He picked the weakning Aaron up by the chest and shook him. "RUN AWAY WILL YOU!" Aaron let out a tiny cry for help. I pushed Kris to the floor. Aaron fell to the floor aswell. Dianna and Red picked Aaron up and ran upstairs. I got up just as the police burst in. They took Kris and calmed Mum. I was on the floor shaking with pain. A policeman came up to me. "The boys alright love." I looked at him. "Its ok." I got up still shaking. Brendan and Dad burst in and the policeman explained everything. I saw no Adamant Jewel. They looked ruffed up. "No luck." Brendan sighed. I ran upstairs. Aaron was coughing on his bed. Red and Dianna were giving him medicine. I tried to take it all in. I went out to the cape. Aaron would die. A scream in the house sent me rushing in. Mum was helping Aaron down the stairs. "He's ok!" She said. Dianna came down blushing a bit and Red whispered to me. "Mouth to Mouth. Urr it was gross trust me!" I hugged Dianna. Thank god she took those medicial lessons. Aaron was shaking a bit. A ran to him and hugged him too. In a friendly way of course. He smiled and hugged me too. Ethan came in sniggering only to be hushed by Mum. Aaron put a hand on my shoulder. "Not sure I like my new look!" He laughed. I smiled. "I's uh cool." Mum said I could stay in with Aaron. We watched telly for a while. When Dianna came down Aaron hugged her and said. "You half saved my life." She blushed and walked out. Half? He sat down. The look I gave him said it all. "You half saved me." I blushed. When it was nighttime I fell soundly asleep. But I was woken by a knock at the door. Mum came in with some hot chocolate. 13 cups. She sat down and stroked my head. Then handed me a cup. "Is Aaron...uh ok hun?" I nodded and she left.







The End

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