Spring Rain


Chapter 1
I was well aware of the danger I was in, but my heart told me to carry on past the cliff to the paradise past the waterfall. However my head was singing, Nutter Nutter. I had been raised in the beautiful city of Greenleaf. It had a beautiful bridge over a river, if you went past the river you'd be in a small meadow. Past the meadow was a small woods and once you got out of there you would see a beautiful cabin overlooking a huge pond. If you went past that you would be on a cape overlooking the sea, a famous date spot. I was not interested in boys whatsoever. Yet here was me, Amber Ansely, standing on a sheer cliff that had a steep rocky side near the sea. I could hear the running waterfall. I knew past that would be a field full of wild Deer, and past that was Safari Town. This Cliff was two towns away, but being a adventoures 14 year old, I couldn't help coming. My sleek autum leaf hair was down, Amber eyes looking out for any movement. I can admit it was once of the scariest thing I had ever done. Carefully I reached the bridge that crossed the waterfall. I gasped. A man was standing there along with a boy about my age. The man was wearing what appeared to be a blue tuxedo, with brunnete hair swooped nicely on top. The boy was wearing raggedy Jeans and a top with several holes in it. He had actul red hair and it was long and down. His steel blue eyes were staring at the man. I hid behind a tree so I could hear what they were saying. "AARON MACKREL THIS TIME YOUR DONE FOR! HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY PARTY!" Bellowed the man. Aaron didn't seem to care. "You invited me didn't you? Anyway its not my fault my deer came and knocked the drinks all over your pitiful girlfriend." He shrugged. "THAT'S FIONCE AND FUTRE SISTER IN LAW TO YOU! AND I DIDN'T SAY YOU COULD BRING YOUR DEER! NOW POOR JADE IS IN TEARS!" The man shouted. Aaron looked at the man, focusing his steel blue eyes on the mans green ones. "Kris cool it. Maybe Jade needs to go home." Kris bared his teeth. "Fineeee...weeeeee'll jusssst gooooo...." With that Kris stormed off but shouted. "GO HOME ASWELL!" Aaron shrugged and walked over to where I was hiding. "I know your there nosey." He challenged. I stepped out. "Sorry. I'm a right nosey girl." Aaron seemed to study me. "Your from Greenleaf." Aaron said. I gasped. "How'd you know?" "Auburn hair, hazel eyes. Easy." I blinked. Then I held out my hand. "I'm Jade Ansley." Aaron shook it. "Nice name. I'm Aaron Mackrel from Safari Town." I gasped. "Oh your from paradise!" "Hardly. Not now anyway. Mums dead, Dads always at the pub, Kris and Reena are always out. So I play with my deer Seela at the meadow." Aaron sighed. "Ohh...you have a deer?" "Yep." I nodded. Aaron studied me a bit more which I found a little creepy. Then he smiled. "Coming?" I blinked at him. "Safari Town?" I looked at the setting sun. "Not now..but if you come here tommorow at noon, yeah sure." I nodded. Aaron studied me again. "Sure." He answered as we set off home. I awoke early next morning. My little sister was poking me. I groaned. "Go away..." May poked me again.
I sat up. She smiled and walked out. She was mute you see. I got dressed in old jeans, and a simple white t-shirt. I went downstairs. The kitchen smelt like pancakes. It had bright white walls and a beautiful black floor. The wooden table in the middle had 12 seats. The eldest child was my big brother Brendan. We sat in order. On one side of the table was Mum, the other Dad. It was Brendan, Ethan, Me, Dianna, Red, May, Maisy, Mark, George and Kate. 18, 16, 14, 11, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1. Am I giving you too much detail? Mum gave us all two pancakes and a glass of orange juice. I was closest to Ethan. Ethan had Jet black hair like dad. In fact all the boys had Jet black and the girl Auburn like mum. Ethan refused to take off his yellow and black cap. He wore a red jacket and black knee highs. I headed to the cape to feed our horses. The eldest one was a grey horse named Smokey. I patted his flank. A couple were at the cape. Then I realised. The man was Kris! So the girl must be Jade! Kris was saying something I only just caught. "Don't worry, I've booked with the Kid athoritys, they'll be taking him to a centre for 40 years. Just me and you." I gasped. I handed Ethan the food bucket and ran. Before a new it I was at the bridge. Aaron was there. He studied me. I spilt out what I heard. He stared at me. I could see the fear in his eyes. "T-they'll kill me...t-the nearest is Golifors...7 suicide comits in there in the last month!" I grabbed his sleeve. "We have to hide you." We ran to my cabin. Mum smiled. "Oooo have a date do you Amber?" "N-no! Mum can he stay here awhile?" Aaron looked at me. "Ok...just friends then." She winked at me. "Whats his name hun?" Aaron looked at my mum. Every time he spoke he seemed to focus his steel blue eyes on you. "Names Aaron Mackrel." My mum blinked. "Nice name sweetie." Ethan and Brendan were studing Aaron and he studied him. We went to the cape. Aarons red hair was blowing in the wind. He was hiding tears I could tell. I told him eveyones names pointing to them. I told him May was mute, what we had for breakfast. He seemed to listen intently. Smokey nudged him. Aaron stroked him. "That's Smokey." I said. I told him Smokey had a child called Ash, who was jet black. I told him we had 10 horses, and that Smokey was Brendans, and Ash was mine, Bella who belonged to May was having a foal and I said maybe that could be his. We seemed to talk for ages. Until Ethan whistled. "Oooo, on a date are we?" We turned around. Of course we weren't on a date, but Ethan didn't like Aaron, and Ethan was very protective of me. Aaron studied my brother. "No were not." I snapped. Aaron closed his eyes into slits. "Bring it on stupid." Said Ethan challenging Aaron. Aaron took his hands out of his pockets and got into a karate pose. Ethan laughed and lunged at him. Aaron dondged easily, and my brother fell to the floor. Ethan gritted his teeth. He jumped on top of Aaron and they crashed to the ground. Ethan was just about to punch Aaron before I dragged him off. I helped Aaron up. Ethan looked devastated as he panted. "A-amber...mum s-said d-dinners ready..." With that he stormed into the cabin. Aaron smiled a small almsost shy smile. "Heh, pathetic." We walked in. Dad had put a extra chair between me and Ethan. On the table was a mouthwatering meal. Big pieces of Chicken were on out Sunday dinner plates. We sat down. Ethan shot a dispproving glance at Aaron. Everyone was quite friendly towards Aaron. Mum was shooting questions.
"Wheres your mum?"
"Oh...wheres your Dad?"
"Pub usualy."
"Any brothers or sisters?"
"One of both. Kris and Reena."
"Where are they?"
"Kris' enangaged, Reena has moved."
"Who looks after you?"
"...Usualy Kris."
"How old are you?"
"Where are you from?"
"Safari Town."
We all nodded and ate our food. Dad looked at Ethan and Aaron. "How come you to are dirty?" Aaron looked down and Ethan didn't anwer. So without thinking I answered. "Ethan dosen't like Aaron, so he decided to start a fight." Aaron blinked at me thankfully while Ethan shot me a angry glance. Mum and Dad gasped. "Ethan! Aaron sweetie are you alright?" "Fine thanks." He answered.
May looked at Aaron. Her look said everything. Aaron has a secret. Aaron asked a obvouis question. "Where'll I sleep?" Dad answered. "Brendans got a bunk bed." Aaron nodded.
When everyone had gone to bed I sank into mine. My ginger and white she-cat Susan lept on to my bed. I took a sip of lemonade and took a piece of paper from my bedside table. It was a letter to me. I opened it.
Dear Amber Ansley,
Good day. My name is Jasper Dillans, but you can call me Mr.Dillans. I am the headmaster of The childen athorities. I am sorry, but a boy who is assighned to us has recently gone missing. We have sent a letter to anyone who was in Waterfall Gorge at the time. We were wondering if you have seen a boy of about 14, long red hair, steel-blue eyes, black and red jacket and grey jeans. If you have, please send a letter to:
120 Water Lane
Safari Town
Waterfall Gorge
England, Uk
Thanks for your patronage,
Jasper T. Dillans.
I put the letter back on the table. Mr.Dillans wasn't going to get Aarons where-abouts from me that's for sure. I noticed there was another letter. I sighed and picked it up.
To Miss.Amber,
Meet me at the cape at 10:00pm Sunday night. I am not a vilan ok? Look out of your window if you don't belive me.
From Ethan.
I looked out my window. Ethan was sitting there. I put on my white hat, pink top and dungerees, and black trousers. I went outside and Ethan pushed me to the cape. "That brat Aaron has something to hide." He hissed. "He's my friend Ethan! Just cause you think he's a freak dosen't mean I do!" I snapped. "He does Amber. You may not know, but remember when I worked at Waterfall Gorge? He was always getting in trouble. Once I remember him being 11. He was hitting his brother! I mean come on Amber!" He pleaded. I shook my head. "You don't know what Kris tried to do to him!" I hissed. Ethan looked at me. I'd never seen him like this before. "You'll be sorry."

The End

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