Think For Yourself

November 10th, 2007

Dear Diary,

Sometimes, you get people who want us to do this, be that. Sometimes we give in. Tell me, whatever happened to Independence?

It’s like nobody can think for themselves anymore. America isn’t about letting people control what we think, what and how we do things, and where we go. America is about breaking free from the crowd; doing our own things. That’s what Independence is about too.

So my “friend”, I won’t say her name because that would be rude if anyone ever saw this (plus, if you knew her on this day, you’d know who she was right away by what she did), but It’s like several weeks into the first year of Junior High, a.k.a. 6th grade.

I was at my uncle’s house with my new clarinet the other day, and he was saying he wouldn’t let me leave unless I named the instrument. I knew he was joking, but I thought I’d humor him anyways. So, I named the clarinet Bessie. I text her shortly after I got home and told her about it.

She was all like, “Oh, that’s so cool!”

Well, I came into school yesterday, and sat down at our usual table. I told all my other friends about the naming of Bessie. They all laughed at it, which is totally fine. But what really got on my nerves was my “friend”; she said to me, and everyone else at the table, “Emily, that is so lame. Why would you do that?” I still can’t be sure if she was just saying that so she could agree with everyone else, or if she really thought that, but still.

I looked her in the eyes, and said, “If it’s so ‘lame’ then why’d you say it was so cool the other day when I first told you?” I shook my head in disappointment and walked away.

What I hate most is liars and people who can’t think for themselves. And right then, she just fell into one of those two categories…

I haven’t spoken to her all day, even though we have every class together; I think that by giving her a cold shoulder, it’ll show her how much she hurt me. Who knows……?

My name is Emily Davison, and I hate liars.

The End

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