A Lifetime of Mistakes

October 13th, 2007

Dear Diary,

Why isn’t everything perfect? Why do humans have to make mistakes?

It’s like everything I do is a mistake. Earlier this week in English, we had to do an assignment. I did it very well, but when I handed it in, I’d done the wrong assignment! Ugh! I feel so stupid. So, now, it’s going to be counted as late, and I still have to do the assignment that was originally assigned. Again: I feel so stupid!

If we’re not meant to be perfect, why can’t we just be unperfect (I’m not entirely sure if that’s a word, but I’m still going to use it) yet do away with all the mistakes? I asked myself what I would say if somebody else asked me that, and this is what I came up with:

“Our purpose here on Earth is to live, and make mistakes. There’s nothing wrong with failure; you just have to learn from it.”

But, when I tell myself that and look back throughout all my life and it doesn’t make sense. I have an entire life time of mistakes, and I never seem to be able to learn from them. It’s the same things all the time.

I don’t listen well enough, and do the wrong thing; I let my room get to messy, and pretty soon, you can’t even see an inch of the floor; I’m always turning my papers in late; everything I do is a mistake.

I have to wonder why people always come to me for advice. I can say it right, but I never listen to any of it. Maybe they should start going to someone who actually practices what they preach.

My name is Emily Davison, and nothing ever goes the way I want it to.

The End

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