Chapter TwoMature

Rocking... rocking... Always rocking. My eyes were glazed with a watery film, and my head was like a spinning top. All my blurred vision could make out was white; copious amounts of it.

I heard someone say my name. It could have echoed from far, far away, but it could also have come from two inches away.

"Spore, look at the light."

"What light?" I snapped, blinking furiously.

Rough hands grabbed my head and shoved it back, almost snapping my neck. I cringed as my right eye was yanked open and my retinas felt as though they were on fire. The same happened to my left eye, and my head dropped back to where it had been resting before, between my knees, and I continued rocking.

Rocking... always rocking.

My mind started to function again, and I wondered what was happening. What had Flora said?

My heartbeat skyrocketed. Cherry had to show me something important. What was it?

"Cherry!" I yelled, rocking a little faster as my panic intensified. "Cherry, what is it? Cherry, are you still there?"

The window. Cherry was at the window. That's what Flora said. Now, where was that window?

I slithered to my feet and ventured a step, finding both my arms plastered to my sides, held in place by thick, white sleeves.

"Flora!" I shrieked. "Flora, what's happening? Oh, God!"

I collapsed to the floor like a totem pole, finding it softer and cleaner than I'd expected. I started to scream. Screaming came naturally to me, always had. Sometimes I wondered if the screaming was what made my parents send me away. It's not like I was abnormal in any other way. I was at the Residency because of the screaming. Had to be.

I thrashed about on my back, shouting myself hoarse with every curse and swear I'd ever learned, denouncing every god I'd ever believed in, disowning everything I'd ever known, wishing it would all end.

After twenty minutes, the doctors caved, and I was injected again. I gasped at the shooting pain of the needle, awaited the sensation of my blood being drowned in chemicals, experienced the numbness in my brain before black cotton wool blinded and paralysed me.

But just before I faded out, I heard a voice.

"Give that memory serum to the others too. And give that chemist a raise."

The End

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