Spore Moretti and the Uncool ResidencyMature

Spore has never known anything but the Uncool Residency, where every day of her life is laid out in rows, alphabetised, and ultimately controlled by the Yellow Suits. Her emotions are controlled by carefully manufactured drugs, and her only escape are her curious, knowledge-hungry friends.
But the outside world is calling, danger is awaiting, and Spore is set to lose everything - including her mind.

It's a funny thing, fate. It follows you your entire life, tweaking your decisions and ultimately deciding the outcome of your every endeavor. A mysterious, unspoken presence that steers you without your knowledge.

Then again, sometimes things happen simply because of a bunch of guys in yelow suits sat around a round table one night and careully planned your life for you.

In the Uncool Residence, the round table discussions are more common than twists of fate. Hell, when you're in charge of someone as dangerous as me, nothing can be left to fate.

I first came here when I was four. I came holding my parents' hands; I played with the colourful train set as they talked to the man with the big desk and the yellow suit. They took me home that night.

The second time I came, my parents were crying. The man in the yellow suit showed them a small, tidy, two-person bedroom, and that made them cry even more. They lifted me onto one of the little yellow beds, kissed me and told me they loved me.

I didn't go home with them that day. That was the day the Uncool Residence became my home, and I was placed in the power of the Yellows.

That's where I've spent the last sixteen years of my life. That's where I waited for fate to throw me something. Anything.

I'm Spore Moretti, and I'm an Uncool Resident.

The End

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