Mark Spencer rose from his warm bed, he was unsure as to what had awoken him. He glanced at his Mickey Mouse clock putting on the bedside light as he did so.

The big hand was on the 7 and the little hand was on the 3, though he couldn't tell the time he knew he should be still asleep.

Mark was only 6 years old and he knew that when the big hand was on the 12 and the little on the 8 it was time to get up, brush his teeth, wash his face and use the toilet. That was his regime for the mornings.

He grabbed his furry dinosaur from off the floor and walked towards the bedroom door which was kept slightly ajar, the hall light was on but it still seemed dark to Mark.

He didn't need the toilet but he went to the bathroom out of habit. As he was about to turn the cold tap on he heard a deep menacing moan.

The End

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